Expanding Global Partnership in Providing Payroll Solutions

Posted 31.03. 2017 by Cekindo / Last update on 25.09. 2018

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Cekindo Business Group and Excelity Global Solutions Announce Partnership to Bridge Indonesian Companies Utilizing Payroll System Effectively

Excelity Global Solution is a top multi country payroll service provider in the world, based in Singapore. Excelity is a perfect partner for Cekindo especially for Payroll & HR solutions. The partnership purpose is to bridge Indonesian Companies to deliver the HR and Payroll services by using the Excelity’s technology.

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It is important to note that Excelity Global has built strong partnership with companies in Asia Pacific. More than 450 satisfied clients from 20 countries have entrusted their HR and payroll services to Excelity. It is estimated that there are over 1.2 million employees are served with the annual value of $5 billion and are still growing. Those facts makes Cekindo Bisnis Grup is certain that its clients can securely get benefits from the partnership.

Cekindo’s increasing concern on digitalization and technology expects that the partnership with Excelity will be an important milestone to assist its current and future clients with Excelity’s payroll cloud solutions. Moreover, Excelity has tailored the payroll system specially for Indonesian market so that it suits all the legality requirements and policies applied by this country.

The experiences gained by Cekindo, with years of lesson learnt from assisting various kinds and sizes of companies are a good match to Excelity’s reputation and credibility in HR and Payroll services. From the Excelity Global Solutions’ side, Indonesian companies are seen to be ready to focus more on its strategic initiatives more effectively. One of the ways is by accommodating outsourcing and cloud payroll system appropriately.


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Through this partnership, it is expected that Cekindo’s current and future clients can reap the best benefits from utilizing the cloud payroll systems. So that they can sustain and compete well in the digitalized business climate.


Overview of Excelity Global Solution, Singapore

Excelity is the biggest and most reputable payroll outsourcing service provider in Asia. Excelity handled over 450 clients from 20 countries worldwide. It covers more than 1.2 million pay slips from its clients’ employees every month. With 20 years of experiences in its field, it gradually expands by constantly build up partnerships with leading companies of the world, especially in Asia and Pacific regions.

Under the current leadership of Aju Murjani, Excelity continues its partnership with some top companies in APAC. It is expected to close deals with an addition of more than 15k more pay slips per month at the end of 2017. Its three areas of services that this company offers include payroll and benefits administration, multi countries payroll, as well as workforce administration.

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    Global expansion poses significant opportunities and challenges for any size of organisation. As companies expand internationally, some decide to remain with established country-specific payroll systems to ensure employees get paid on time and minimise disruption. However, this disjointed approach often overlooks critical elements which may have a significant effect on both compliance and profitability. A global payroll solution can offer greater efficiency and improved compliance. Measure the consistency and control of your global payroll process to ensure ultimate performance and transparency at each stage

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