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How to Apply for SIUJK and Oil & Gas Licence Indonesia?

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Do you want to know more about SIUJK and SKT Migas Indonesia and how to apply for these particular licenses? Read more…

Indonesia is known as a country that rich in natural resources especially for the oil and gas resources. This condition triggers the increasing number in oil and gas activities either in domestic or abroad. For those companies who decide to invest or conduct the business in oil and gas industry, of course they are responsible for fulfilling the licence and other application requirements.

Basically, the regulations regarding to oil and gas business in Indonesia is arranged in the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 27 Year 2008 on Business Operations Support Oil and Gas. SKT Migas is the Oil and Gas listed certificate that given by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas to the business entity that has registered its business as the supporting oil and gas of the Directorate General of Oil and Gas.

SKT Migas (Indonesia Oil and Gas Regulatory Body) registration will be issued from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. SKT Migas will take one week time to be issued with the completely  prepared and accurate documents.

There will be the application procedure as the requirement of the SKT Migas, that is:

1. The company (applicant) applied for a petition to the General Director of Oil and Gas Up, the Director of Engineering and Oil and Gas Environment within the statement letter.

2. The appointed Migas party and the involved agency will conduct survey in the company’s location in order to conduct check and verification of enterprise data based on the filled petition of the company.

3. If the examination and verification results of the company data meet the requirements, then the Director General of Oil and Gas cq. Director of Engineering and the Environment will issue SKT Oil and Gas.

It is required to the companies both public and private companies that follow the government tenders as the supporting oil and gas companies. The validity period of SKT Migas is three years, starting from the issuance date.

The process of registration certificate issuance consist of three activities. First is request for application, the second one is the preparation of necessary documents at the application time, and the third is the process of issuance of SKT Migas certification. The company (applicant) have to provide and submit some documents.

These documents are the company’s data that need to be attached to the SKT application, which include:

a. labor including technical personnel in sufficient numbers;

b. have the required tools;

c. have a mastery of technology;

d. have sufficient working capital; and

e. performance (performance) of the Company.

Finally, if the applicant has already gotten the SKT, then the applicant can continue to the next step, which is managing the construction business service (SIUJK).

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