3-hour Investment Licensing Service: A Breakthrough in Indonesia’s Economic Package

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Investing in Indonesia is getting faster and easier now. Since January 2016, The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) has launched a three-hour investment permit service for investors.

The service is part of BKPM’s One-Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) program, which will allow prospective investors with a minimum investment of IDR 100 billion (US$7.33 million) and/or absorb a workforce of more than 1,000 people to have their preliminary permits.

The whole investment license process took only 3 hours at the BKPM office. The investor is supposed to receive eight preliminary permit documents including a principal license, tax ID and work permits (RPTKA), deed of establishment, include the land-booking letter issued by the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning.

The process to get the permits is much shorter now. Before this service launched, the maintenance of three principal permission to invest in Indonesia, like permits investment principles, Deed of Establishment, and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) take up to 11 days.

3-hour Investment Licensing Service Process

Infographic - 3 Hour Investment Licensing in Indonesia

Several details to be considered:

  1. Planned value of investment at least IDR 100 billion.
  2. and / or absorbing at least 1.000 local workers
  3. Application must be submitted directly by at least one candidate of the proposed company shareholder
No Product Type Requirements Information
1 Investment License 1. A valid passport, if the individual foreign participants

2. Article of Association, if the foreign participant companies

3. ID card and Tax ID, when the individual participant Indonesia

4. Deed and attestation Menkumham, when participants Indonesian companies

5. Flowchart of the production process for industrial business field

2 Deed and its endorsement 1. Passport (Foreign Shareholders people)

2. ID / NPWP (individual shareholders Indonesia)

3. Article of Association (Pemegnag shares of foreign companies)

4. Deeds + TIN (Indonesian company shareholders)

5. Name of the Company

6. Purpose and Objectives

7. Name of Shareholders

8. The composition of the percentage of share ownership

9. The composition of the Board of Directors and Commissioners

10. Limitation of authority of Directors and Notary

11. Investment Permit

12. Tax ID company


For additional information, when it comes to PTSP Centre at BKPM, besides shareholder (all or one of them), it must also be present in charge of the PT that will be established in Indonesia (Commissioner and Director) is intended for the maintenance of Tax ID and more licenses (TDP, API, RPTKA, etc.) in the Central PTSP BKPM requiring the identity of the responsible PT to be established in Indonesia.

Cekindo will assist you to get investment permit service in Indonesia through this breakthrough 3-hour Investment Licensing Service. Please feel free to contact us.

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