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Blog: Legal Updates

Online Single Submission System and Its Effect on Company Registration

Posted 1.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 19.11. 2018

Recently, the Indonesian government adopted several business-friendly policies to make it simpler for foreign investors to jumpstart their businesses in the archipelago. The results are, however, questionable. This article introduces a newly established system of company registration in Indonesia through so-called Online Single Submission System and provides a general overview of the most important facts …

Truth about OSS Implementation in Indonesia

Posted 24.07. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 27.09. 2018

The government of Indonesia has issued Government Regulation Number 24 of 2018 (GR24) for the Online Single Submission (OSS) under Online Business Licensing Services. …

Principle Business License Replaced with Capital Investment Registration

Posted 22.03. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 26.09. 2018

The Investment Coordinating Board in Indonesia (BKPM) has just made effective of the new changes on January 2, 2018, regulated under BKPM Regulation No. 13 of 2017 (BKPM Reg. 13/2017). This new regulation concerning the Guidelines and Procedures for License and Investment Facilities, has now taken effect at the Central One Stop Services Office of …

Bank Indonesia Launches Regulation on Fintech

Posted 29.12. 2017 by Cekindo , last update on 26.09. 2018

For the first time in the history of Indonesia, Bank Indonesia (BI) launched a regulation on financial technology also known as fintech. Regulation Number 19/12/PBI/2017 regarding the Provision of Financial Technology, dated November 30, 2017 (“Reg. 19/2017″), was made public by BI on December 7 and will come to effect on December 30, 2017. …

Indonesia Halal Certification Revoked from MUI

Posted 8.11. 2017 by Cekindo , last update on 25.09. 2018

The change that had long been expected finally came into effect. The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) had delegated its authority to issue the halal certification to a newly established institution. The inauguration of the body of Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency (BPJPH) happened on October 11th, 2017. It’s been three years after the law …

Company Registration Update: Annual License Renewal is No Longer Needed

Posted 7.03. 2017 by Cekindo , last update on 25.09. 2018

Indonesian current government is so consistent in promoting Indonesia as a conducive and reliable country for foreign investment. Many efforts have been done by the government, including issuing policies that will make foreign investment more feasible. The most recent ones are the Regulation Number 07/M-DAG/PER/2/2017 by the Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia on Trading Business …

Update from BKPM: Three-Hour License Service For Energy Sector

Posted 14.02. 2017 by Cekindo , last update on 25.09. 2018

Three-hour licensing procedure was issued by Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) on January 30, 2017. This is a good news for foreign investors related to energy and mineral resources. This rapid licensing procedure is for nine types of operations (eight of which are for oil and gas sectors and one of them is for electricity …