how to open a financing company in indonesia

How do You Open a Financing Company in Indonesia?

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When entrepreneurs require financial assistance for their businesses, they will usually look to seek a loan from banks. However, in today’s Indonesia, many have also got their capital from private entities that are not banks such as a financing company in Indonesia, thanks to the rise of digital innovations. This phenomenon is particularly greater in the fintech sector.

While the traditional bank sector continues to expand robustly because of its strong networks, capital, databases, and human resources, it is still restricted by Indonesian laws that limit its innovation. This is why the fintech sector is growing tremendously and the trend is likely to go on for a long time.

The Fintech industry in Indonesia has been providing diverse and innovative services to the people: digital payment services, peer-to-peer lending, investment management, crowdfunding, and others.

Why Start a Financing Company in Indonesia

Due to the rapid growth of fintech in Indonesia, the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) enacted a new regulation OJK Regulation No. 35 /POJK.05/2018 or Reg. 35 on December 28, 2018.

The purpose of the regulation is to relax the restrictions of a financing company in Indonesia, specifically in vehicle loan down payment requirements and cash lending with an emphasis on fraud prevention.

The main key changes led by Reg. 35 has brought good news to investors who would like to start in Indonesia:

  • A financing company in Indonesia can now offer types of cash loans: working capital cash loans and consumer cash loans
  • The new down payment requirements for vehicle loans are now set as percentages of the absolute purchase price of the vehicle
  • Online platforms are now permitted for operations of this kind of company in Indonesia

Requirements for Opening a Financing Company in Indonesia

start a financing company in indonesia

Investors can establish a financing company in Indonesia in the form of a limited liability company or a cooperative.

However, the percentage of foreign ownership is limited in this sector and it varies according to its financing schemes. The maximum foreign ownership for a financing company in Indonesia is 85%.

On a side note, a financing company can now expand its financing activities to include sharia financing.

The required paid-up capital is IDR 100 billion for limited liability companies and IDR 50 billion for cooperatives.



Process for Opening a Financing Company in Indonesia

A financing company in Indonesia must acquire its license from OJK. Applicants must submit mandatory documents along with their application to the OJK.

Here’s the summarised process:

  1. Submit the required documents and application form.
  2. OJK reviews the application and approves or rejects the application within 30 days upon the receipt of the application.
  3. Once the company obtains the license, it must conduct business activities in two months.
  4. Report the company’s business activity implementation to OJK within 10 days after the commencement of the activities.
  5. Report these events to OJK: change of address; change of shareholders, directors, commissioners, or Board of Sharia Supervisory; change of Article of Association.
  6. Join the credit bureau and financing association designated by OJK.

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