Starting a Business in Indonesia: Running It in Aceh from Abroad

How Foreigners can Run a Business in Aceh from Abroad

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 14 August 2020
  • 2 minute reading time

If you’re still thinking about picking a destination for your investment and starting a business in Indonesia, look no further than Aceh.

Aceh is located on Sumatra island and a lot of foreigners come to this exciting place to start their entrepreneurial journey due to its strategic geographical location, abundant natural resources, young and bountiful workforce, developed infrastructure, and business-friendly environment and supportive government policies.

Top investment sectors in Aceh for investors to consider are tourism, energy and infrastructure, agroindustry, and Aceh industrial development zones. In 2019, Aceh recorded an impressive foreign direct investment (FDI) realisation value of US$6.16 million with 58 projects in total.

A great number of foreigners regard Aceh as an ideal place to work and stay, and even settle down permanently. However, some foreign entrepreneurs may not want to reside in Indonesia for family and business reasons.

And here’s the good news for foreigners thinking of starting a business in Indonesia but do not want to leave their home country. Through the following methods that we’re going to discuss, foreigners can run a business in Aceh from overseas.

Foreigners Running Businesses in Aceh from Overseas

An option for running a business in Aceh overseas is to set up a representative. Registering a representative office has a lot of benefits: no minimum paid-up capital, permission to open an Indonesian bank account, permission to hire foreign and local employees and permission to apply for KITAS for foreign executives.

There are three common types of the representative office in Indonesia:

  • Foreign General Representative Office
  • Foreign Construction Representative Office
  • Foreign Trade Representative Office

Starting a Business in Indonesia with Cekindo

There are many appealing business opportunities in Aceh for foreigners to tap into to expand their businesses. The right route to this exciting market depends upon many key factors such as your target customers, the nature of your business, and the professional assistance you have.

At Cekindo we have many years of commercial and legal expertise in assisting and advising global entrepreneurs and businesses for starting a business in Indonesia.

Our solutions allow you to run a business abroad through the use of representative offices. We ensure that your business is correctly structured and comply with local laws and regulations.

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