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How to Become a Successful Wedding Organiser in Bali

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 14 May 2024
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Becoming a successful wedding organiser in Bali is not an easy task. While it is not impossible to succeed in this harsh and demanding environment, do not feel defeated because people in the business of wedding planning come from all walks of life.

One of the best ways to get started in the business is to look for general information online, and then look for a reliable agency to verify your source of information. And if that’s the right thing for you, you can proceed with your company registration and become your own boss legally in Bali.

This article serves as a good source of information for you to learn the expectations of the business, why it offers countless business opportunities, and how you can handle all sorts of weddings in your own unique way like a champ.

International Love Birds Choose Bali as Their Wedding Destinations

As one of the top tourist destinations for people from around the world, the connection between Bali’s popularity and the word “wedding” is quite profound.

The unique and rich wedding customs and high-quality infrastructure are the reasons why Bali has become a wedding destination.

Some wedding organisers alone can hold 200 weddings with sales of USD 13 million annually. In addition, Bali serves as the centre point, especially for Australians and Asia Pacific regions, with their friends and family working and living all over the world.

It is also very cost-effective to get married in Bali, cheaper than China, Australia and the UK – so couples can invite more friends and relatives and afford bigger wedding receptions.

How to Get Started?

Finding Your Partners

First, launch your career by finding a number of vendors or partners of different elements of a wedding:

  • villas and hotels for venues
  • restaurants and caterers for food and refreshments
  • make-up artists
  • photographers
  • decorations
  • flowers and themes
  • and other aspects

The more connections and cooperating partners in this field, you will be able to get more discounts and exchanges for references, build your portfolio and make your business known faster.

At the same time, working with your partners will help you develop the skills you’ll require to become a unique and successful event planner.

Romantic Places are Key

A lot of fresh entrepreneurs who truly want to be wedding organisers really struggle with finding romantic places. Romantic places are extremely crucial as they are where lovebirds exchange their sacred vows for eternal love. A crucial aspect of wedding planning that often gets overlooked is preserving those cherished moments for eternity through a love photo album.

Initiate conversations with someone who is already in the sector or tour professionals that you are cooperating with — they know better.

Here at Cekindo, we are generous to provide you with some of the coolest romantic places you can consider as well: the Hanging Gardens, Ubud, Bvlgari Resort, Uluwatu Surf Villas, Kayumanis Villas, Joshua District etc. There are major hotels and villas known for their fabulous weddings.

Knowing the Traditions and Laws

In addition to hard work and professional insights, you will need to understand the wedding traditions and laws in order to break into this business, and this applies everywhere.

Balinese and people around the world usually get married during the dry season from May to October, especially if they are going to have an outdoor wedding. For other months, it is recommended to hire a “rain stopper” or traditional priest to prevent rain according to Balinese custom.

Aside from the traditions, every legal wedding in Bali need to follow the rituals of major religions in Indonesia, and they are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Paperwork is needed as well via the Civil Ministry in Denpasar. For foreigners, the paperwork could be a little more complicated, and that’s the reason wedding consultancy is preferred in Bali.

License for Wedding Organiser

Last but not least, make sure to acquire a business license for your legal wedding planning business in Bali. Consult us before you start any business activities. Chances are we are able to give you more helpful feedback along with the company registration license assistance you need. Your dream can be realised with the right channels and remember to use that to your advantage.

Contact Cekindo today to become a successful wedding organiser in Bali tomorrow!
We will make sure that you obtain the right business license and the process of your company registration runs smoothly.

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