virtual office in jakarta offers virtual receptionist services

Why Outsourcing to a Virtual Receptionist is the Right Decision for Business

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 11 December 2019
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Smart businesses know that making clients happy and retaining them is one of the key ingredients to building a successful business empire. There are many ways to funnel your clients to your way and the most important being the person who takes care of the customers’ calls. A receptionist who answers call is the first level of contact with your new and existing customers. This is especially essential if you are running a virtual business from a virtual office in Jakarta.

In a virtual business, calls serve as the main communication with your customers and partners. However, hiring a full-time receptionist means adding overhead and cutting your business profits. Furthermore, you will have to provide professional training to your receptionist in order to make a great impression to your prospective clients and handle their queries efficiently.

This is where a live virtual receptionist can add value to your business. An experienced virtual receptionist can create a huge impact on every person who calls. Here is why outsourcing to a virtual receptionist is the right decision for your business.

Virtual Office in Jakarta features Virtual Receptionist Services

virtual office jakarta and receptionist outsourcing

A Virtual Receptionist Tells Your Customers that You are a Credible and Solid Establishment

For the past several years, customers have been shifting their focus to smaller brands as these brands can actually provide more customised choices and purchase experience. However, this does not mean that customers will choose all smaller brands. These brands still need to prove that they are reliable and trustworthy in every aspect.

Therefore, a virtual receptionist can present you as a bigger establishment. This impression helps attract more prospects, generate more sales and increase the bottom line of your business.

You Leave a Lot of Money on the Table when Calls Are not Answered

It is a fact that when a call is unanswered, most prospects who are new to your business will not call back anymore. And prospects or clients dread to get an unhelpful response from a non-human answering machine.

A live and well-trained virtual receptionist is always available to answer every single call effectively and professionally, and then forward the calls to you when necessary. You can even instruct your virtual receptionist what to say to your callers when you’re unable to take the call, or ask the caller to leave a message and you will get back to them the soonest possible.

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You Save More Time by Having a Virtual Receptionist to Filter out the Unimportant Calls from the Important Ones

Not all calls are as important as you think. Of course, as an established business, you will still need to answer all those unimportant calls and provide answers to silly questions.

A virtual receptionist surely does come in handy to help you get rid of unnecessary conversations that will waste your precious time. A set of frequently asked questions can be provided to your virtual receptionist so that they will know what to answer when callers ask the same or similar questions over and over again. Some of the FAQ examples are as follows:

  • What services do you provide?
  • Do you still offer this service?
  • What are your business hours?
  • What are the prices for your services?

How Cekindo can Help

Professional call answering and virtual receptionist service helps build a positive impression for your business. A call from the next person could be worth a million dollars for your business.

Cekindo’s virtual office in Jakarta comes with a call answering service that is operated by trained receptionists to answer calls professionally on behalf of your business.

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