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Business & Operational Licenses

PT PMA in Indonesia – Several Business Licenses for One Business Entity

Posted 4.05. 2015 by Cekindo , last update on 17.03. 2021

Foreign investors who intend to conduct business in Indonesia should understand foreign investment regulations, such as requirements for obtaining business licenses or permits that are related to foreign company registration documents. The specification type of business licenses depends upon the type of business activities being pursued. Some business entities may require more than one business …

[2020 Updated] How to Get a Business License in Indonesia

Posted 2.04. 2014 by Michal Wasserbauer , last update on 11.09. 2020

Licensing issues were established by Presidential Instruction No. 5 Year 1984 date of 11 April 1984 on Guidelines for Implementation and Control Permissions on the line of business. The rules ensure that any business in Indonesia can apply for a license smoothly, legally and in a structured manner. A business license in Indonesia is required …

Export and Import License in Indonesia (2021 Update)

Posted 25.11. 2015 by Cekindo , last update on 11.08. 2022

Once the establishment process completes and you obtain the permanent business license. You can directly proceed to apply for Import and Export License. Import and Export License in Indonesia Import is the process of transporting goods or commodities from one country to another legally, generally in the process of trading. The general import process is …

How to Obtain, Telecommunication Service Provider Licence / Content Provider Licence in Indonesia

Posted 6.08. 2015 by Cekindo , last update on 6.09. 2021

Obtaining a Telecommunication Service Provider Licence in Indonesia The telecommunication industry has played an important role in the development of Indonesia’s economy over the last few years – a great opportunity to establish Indonesia telecom companies. Not only has it increased connectivity across the country, but it has also helped in stimulating other sectors of …

How to Apply for SIUJK and Oil & Gas Licence Indonesia?

Posted 12.08. 2015 by Pandu Ramadhan , last update on 12.12. 2019

Do you want to know more about SIUJK and SKT Migas Indonesia and how to apply for these particular licenses? Read more… Indonesia is known as a country that rich in natural resources especially for the oil and gas resources. This condition triggers the increasing number in oil and gas activities either in domestic or …