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Blog: Semarang

Top Sectors to Invest in Semarang

Why Invest in Semarang? It has been a while since Jakarta is not the only city that attracts businessmen in Indonesia. More than half of the population, which accounts for at least 130 million inhabitants, lives in urban areas all around the country, such as Central Java – a great sign to invest in Semarang. …

Semarang: Business Heaven for Singaporean Investors

When it comes to starting a business in Indonesia, most of the time people will just think of Bali and Jakarta. However, as one of the fastest growing countries in the world, Indonesia has so many amazing cities that foreign investors can look into including Semarang. …

Semarang: The Gateway to Central Java and International Markets

The rapidly growing Indonesian market has been attracting international investors for quite long. Bali and Jakarta as the top destinations for international companies, and now the government has decided to develop Semarang as well. The so-called growth centers across the archipelago have been determined with the Semarang business opportunity. Convenient Location The main selling point of Semarang …

10 Most Common Immigration Mistakes A Foreigner Should Avoid in Indonesia

Traveling and doing business abroad needs careful plans and extensive preparations. Not only the trip will be costly, but there are also different immigration rules, regulations, customs, and cultures we have to learn prior to our departure to a destination country like Indonesia. Especially when traveling to Indonesia, there is an endless maze of bureaucracy …