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Different cultures and locations in Indonesia, not to mention challenges in language, require you to put in effort when sourcing products from Indonesia. Exporting from Indonesia to your domestic market can be tricky if you do not carefully verify the supplier.
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InCorp as Your Buying Agent in Semarang

Semarang is an important trading centre in Indonesia, mainly because of its location between the two biggest cities, Jakarta and Surabaya. The capital city of Central Java is also known for its garment and textile businesses that produce batik and other kinds of cloth of excellent quality.

Furthermore, Semarang also boasts its seaport container terminal that enables import & export overseas. A buying agent in Semarang can help to arrange and supervise the whole process, from the goods or products purchased in Indonesia to their arrival in your intended location anywhere in the world.

Buying Agent in Semarang Services: Our Packages

Our team which consists of knowledgeable and experienced consultants and negotiators can provide the following services:

  • Supplier verification: you can rest easy without having to think about fake suppliers
  • Price and contract negotiation: we will prepare the contract and negotiate the best price for you
  • Administrative documents: we will take care of all documents to ensure compliance
  • Logistics and Shipping: our extensive network enables easy and fast shipping
  • Account management: we will also handle the account management

Buying Agent Services with InCorp

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