Bali Hospitality Sector: Business Opportunities in The Land of Paradise

Invest in Bali: Hospitality Sector

Bali will always be loaded with tourists from all over the world, thanks to the lush natural landscapes throughout, vibrant and dynamic atmosphere as well as rich culture and tradition. Starting a business in Bali, particularly in the hospitality sector, then, makes perfect sense.

Various dining options that include restaurants and cafes, accommodation options such as hotels and villas and other recreational and wellness activities like diving, fitness and spa are in high demand in Bali. Be part of Southeast Asia’s largest economy by investing in one of its most profitable sectors: hospitality. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you are living a heavenly life and making a steady profit.

Villas & Hotels

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In 2019, Bali welcomed 6.3 million tourist both domestic and international arrivals. This staggering number of tourists contributed to the rising demand of villa rentals, hotels and other types of accommodation in Bali. Some tourists prefer to stay in luxurious hotel rooms, whereas some others prefer to indulge in a pleasant stay in either a guesthouse or an Airbnb villa to get the taste of Bali’s authentic style of living.

If you are one of the investors who plan to gain handsome profits from running an accommodation business, be it a villa, a guesthouse or a hotel, you have come to the right place. Learn How to Rent out Your Airbnb Villa Legally or How to Set up An Accommodation Business in Bali now.


Cafe & Restaurant

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Who does not love delicious food and coffee? Tourists need much energy to explore the top-notch attractions in Bali, and restaurants and cafes that serve delectable but unique dishes will surely generate a lot of profits. Make your dream come true by running your own restaurant or cafe business in Bali.

Setting up a culinary business on the island is actually quite simple, if you are familiar with all the regulations and satisfy all the requirements. Find out what you need to prepare to be able to open a coffee shop or a restaurant in Bali through our articles Your Guide to Opening a Coffee Shop and A Simple Guide to Starting a Restaurant Business.



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Tourism business opportunities in Bali will always be there and it is up to an aspiring entrepreneur like you to seize the best business opportunity that you are more passionate about and at the same time offering the highest return on investment. Many tourists visiting the Island of the Gods are looking for more than just fun and good times. They desire to go deep into the culture or history of the local places. Running a travel agency can help them. The other travelers, however, come to Bali to take part in the exciting activities, like scuba diving and surfing because after all, Bali is endowed with numerous beaches that feature consistent waves all year round.

Explore the available business opportunities in tourism sector. You may be interested in knowing How to Set up a Diving Business or How to Start a Tour and Travel Agency in Bali.



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Nowadays, more and more people have become aware of the importance of well-being and how wellness plays such a huge role in their lives. In line with the increasing awareness comes the existence of wellness-related businesses, such as spa and fitness centers. According to Global Wellness Institute, more than 21,000 spa centers can be found across the globe. Bali, as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, has also observed the rapid growth of the wellness industry. With millions of international tourists visiting Bali each year, opening a wellness business, undoubtedly, is going to be rewarding.

Before starting a wellness business in Bali, there are requirements to be met and regulations to be complied with. Learn more about How to Set up a Spa Business and How to Get Your Fitness Business Started in Bali now.

Company Registration in Bali

Start penetrating the market through company registration that can be done in three ways: the establishment of a local company (PT), a foreign-owned company (PT PMA) or a representative office.

Local Company (PT)

Local PT allows only 100% local ownership but does not restrict certain business sectors. Contact us for more detailed information.

How to Start a Local Company PT

Foreign Owned Company (PMA)

PT PMA can be fully owned by foreign investors. However, some business sectors are restricted for 100% foreign ownership. The establishment of PT PMA allows the provision of visa sponsorhip and employment of foreign workers.

How to Start a PT PMA

Representative Office

Representative Office is mainly used to test the water before incorporating either PT PMA or Local PT. Representative Office allows only marketing-related activities. Profits-generating activities are strictly prohibited.


How to Start a Representative Office

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