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If you plan to relocate to Malaysia and start working or your business there, you will need to get all your Malaysia Visa first. There are few types of Malaysia visa and work permit that you can look into, which includes Employment Pass (EP), Dependent Pass (DP), and Professional Visit Pass (PVP).

Employment Pass (EP)

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This is the most common type of work pass in Malaysia. If you are a skilled professional and plan to work in Malaysia in an executive, manager or technical role, you should apply for this Employment Pass. For those interested in applying for this role, you must have a minimum of 3 years of working experience and proper academic qualifications.

There are 3 categories that you can apply to for this work pass, which depend on your salary and position.

Category I

Category I is for CEOs, Technical/Managing Directors, Project Managers or Executives, etc., with the following criteria:

  • Min RM10,000 monthly salary
  • Up to 5 years working contract
  • Renewable EP

Category II

Category II is for Marketing/Investment Managers, Directors, Architects, etc., with the following criteria:

  • Minimum monthly salary between RM5,000-RM9,999
  • Up to 2 years work contract
  • Renewable EP

Category III

Category III is for Manufacturing workers, Food Technologists, Designers, etc. with the following criteria:

  • Minimum monthly salary between RM3,000-RM4,999
  • Up to 2 years work contract
  • EP renewal up to 2 times

You will be required to provide these basic documents below when you are applying for your work permit in Malaysia:

  • Duly filled application form
  • Valid passport
  • Education certificates copies
  • Latest resume
  • Company’s employment letter
  • A detailed description of the job to be performed

Dependent Pass (DP)

Malaysia Visa - Dependent Pass Icon - CekindoIf you are an Employment Pass category I or II holder, you will be able to apply for a Dependent Pass (DP) in Malaysia visa for your dependent. These dependents must be:

  • Legal spouse
  • Children below the age of 18 years old (biological, adopted or stepchild)
  • Dependent children with a physical or mental disability of any age



Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

Malaysia Visa - Professional Visit Pass Icon - CekindoThis type of work pass is suitable for foreigners who work for a very short duration in Malaysia. Plus you are not employed under Malaysia’s company, and an overseas parent company will pay your salary.

Foreign talents under these categories below are eligible to apply to this work pass:

  • Government officials on official visits
  • Islamic missionary / religious workers
  • Foreign artists in performing arts/filming
  • Volunteer

However, you are required to have a sponsor in Malaysia apply for this pass on your behalf.

Foreigners could be overwhelmed with Malaysia Visa requirements and application process as legal nuances involved.
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