Coastal Comforts: For Sale – 2-Bed Villa in Nyang Nyang Beach, Uluwatu

Lease Hold


Seize the opportunity to own a piece of paradise in Nyang Nyang Beach, Uluwatu, with our exclusive 40-year leasehold offering

This distinguished collection comprises 10 luxurious 2-bedroom villas, strategically located just a 5-minute stroll from the pristine Nyang Nyang Beach. Boasting a high-end design, each villa comes with a secure 40-year lease, making it a sound investment choice. Experience an exceptional average annual ROI of 15% to 20%, with prices starting at an attractive USD $325,000, coupled with a limited-time Early Bird special offer for added incentive.

Immerse yourself in the unique architectural tropical luxury concept that defines these villas—an unparalleled gem in Bali’s real estate scene. Elevate your living space with the option of two exceptional interior design themes, allowing for personalization to suit your taste. This amalgamation of prime location, extended leasehold, and exquisite design positions these villas as a rare and lucrative investment opportunity in Nyang Nyang Beach, Uluwatu. Don’t miss your chance to make this extraordinary piece of Bali yours.


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