Tropical Retreat: Leasehold 1-Bedroom Villa in Pererenan

Lease Hold


Featuring an ensemble of two opulent 1-bedroom residences

These estates harmonize Western opulence with the charm of Balinese architecture. Every abode showcases its own secluded plunge pool and dedicated workspace, alongside a contemporary fully-stocked kitchen, all nestled within a serene locale overlooking verdant terraced rice fields. Oriented towards the west, these dwellings guarantee breathtaking views of Bali’s famed sunsets. Each villa is meticulously furnished, adorned with contemporary accents, and comes complete with private parking for scooters.

Yet, what truly sets these properties apart is the meticulous craftsmanship behind the scenes. From robust foundations to the finest materials, and from top-tier electrical and plumbing installations to innovative construction techniques, our adept architects have crafted boutique residences that seamlessly blend modernity with thoughtful design. Complemented by sumptuous materials and meticulous finishes curated by our interior designers, these homes exude a sense of refined elegance and visual coherence.


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