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Shelf Company Indonesia: Ready-Made Company in Indonesia

Shelf Company In Indonesia – A Turnkey Solution for Quick Market Access.

What is a Shelf Company?

Cekindo’s shelf companies are ready-made companies created and registered by Cekindo. A shelf company in Indonesia comes with a pre-approved set of required licenses and documents to operate a business in Indonesia. These include but are not limited to an Indonesian corporate bank account, a registered tax number (NPWP), a legal company address, and business licenses.

Our shelf companies are legal commercial companies that have their own set of directors and owners but do not have any business transactions or activities. In other words, the company has been created and “sitting on the shelf” without earning any revenue.

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The Process of Getting a Shelf Company in Indonesia

Process of getting a Shelf Company in Indonesia - Infographic

The Benefits Of Cekindo’s Shelf Company In Indonesia

Shelf company in Indonesia - infographic (en)

Start Operating in 7 Days or Less

Given the incorporation process has been completed, purchasing a shelf company means operating in less than a week since the transfer of ownership takes approximately 7 working days (or less) from the date of purchase.

Purchase a Company in One Click

Thanks to our online database, you can buy a company of your choice online. As soon as a Shelf company is purchased, Cekindo will contact you to discuss the transfer of management control and arrange for a public notary.

Each shelf company comes with the following:

  • Company name and incorporation number
  • Company office address
  • Corporate bank account number with internet banking
  • Tax number and identification
  • Set of document related to company registration

Purchasing Cekindo shelf companies online is one of the fastest ways to set up or expand in Indonesia. With offices in Jakarta, Bali, and Semarang, Cekindo, therefore, enables companies to scale across Indonesia quickly and legally to explore and tap into the opportunities Indonesia has to offer.

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