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Tax Reporting and Accounting Services in Indonesia

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To provide support for businesses and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis in Indonesia, the Minister of Finance has issued PMK 44/2020 regarding business sectors that are eligible for tax incentives.

There are 4 types of tax incentive applications that are valid from April to September 2020:

1. Zero payroll tax (tax art. 21)

2. 30% discount of Company Income Tax Installment (tax art. 25) or 0% Final Income Tax for SME (Tax PP 23)

3. Zero import tax (Art. 22) – Company is required to have a KITE License (Import for Tax Purpose)

4. Expedite VAT refund – In addition to having a KITE, this is applicable as well for companies stating overpayment on their VAT Return


For clients who are eligible, our tax consultants can provide consultation and tax incentive application services:

1. Tax Incentive Notification Letter (one time submission)

2. Payroll modification for zero payroll tax from April to September 2020

3. Realisation report from April to September 2020

Why Do You Need Tax Reporting & Accounting Services in Indonesia?

Accounting and tax reporting services in Indonesia are geared mainly to help companies comply with the financial reporting requirements.

Indonesia has its finance and tax regulations, and all local companies in the archipelago are required to abide by them. For instance, your company should submit a monthly tax statement to the tax office even if no business activities or tax liabilities have been recorded.

Basic business processes, especially those that involve income tax in Indonesia and corporate tax in Indonesia, are critical in nature, requiring your company to have them processed timely and with high accuracy.

Tax Reporting & Accounting Services in Indonesia with Cekindo

To help your company comply with the accounting and tax reporting rules of Indonesia, Cekindo provides a full selection of services as an accounting agency. By outsourcing your business accounting and tax obligations, you would reduce your operating costs and administrative burden while ultimately increase your business flexibility and growth.

Infographic - Accounting Workflow

Cekindo takes pride in its staff of experienced accountants and tax consultants in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta, Semarang and Bali, who are well trained and have local business knowledge. This ensures tailored solutions for your business based on your requirements in accordance with the government’s standard operating procedures.

Cekindo’s services, which are centrally managed, link their competencies in finance, accounting, and tax to support the full range of compliance needs.

Tax Reporting Flow - Infographic

As a member of 3E Accounting network and being its representative for Indonesia, Cekindo provides accounting and tax advisory services of the highest quality and accuracy.

Furthermore, our three branches are spread on two islands across Indonesia, so our clients can benefit from consultation and accounting services in Bali and Java, namely Jakarta and Semarang.

Why Choose Cekindo as Your Accounting and Tax Outsourcing Provider?

Cekindo accounting - high quality icon1. HIGH QUALITY SERVICE

We constantly provide high quality service by seeking to understand your issues and needs. Our solutions are personalised for each and every business.


Cekindo accounting - professionals icon2. EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTING STAFF AND TAX SPECIALISTS

We are the best at what we do through years of professional experience. Cekindo has a team of accounting staff and tax specialists that have the right skills to get it done will not stop until reach client is satisfied.


Cekindo accounting - complete package icon3. COMPLETE PACKAGE

We do not do things halfheartedly. To ensure client satisfaction, we offer a complete package that includes accounting services, tax reporting services and auditing services.


Cekindo accounting - save time money icon4. TIME & COSTS SAVING

Save time and minise cost as you outsource your accounting and tax. Your talents can focus on business strategies that will help grow your business.


Our Suite of Advisory Services Includes:

Accounting Services

  • General Ledger
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Monthly Tax Report (withholding tax and VAT)
  • Annual Tax Report
  • Payments Processing
  • Invoices Issuance

Tax Reporting Services

  • Individual Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Tax Review

Auditing Services

  • Audit Procedures
  • Scope of Audit Services
  • Paper Checks
  • Legalisation by Public Accounting Firm
  • External Audit Report

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