Work Visa in Indonesia

Indonesia Work Visa

Work Visa in Indonesia

A work permit for Indonesia, also called a work visa, is a legal authorisation issued by the national government through the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Manpower allowing a non-citizen, in other words, a foreigner, to officially be employed by an Indonesian company.

A work visa in Indonesia can be for professional positions, such as manager, teacher, technician, and field executive. The Indonesian market is swamped by global corporations that regularly hire professionals who are foreign nationals, which makes work visa applications in Indonesia very common.

Locally referred to as KITAS or simply ITAS, the work visa in Indonesia allows foreigners to fill in positions in Indonesian companies.

Essentials about Work Visa

Today, in an effort to encourage more foreign investors, the Indonesian government has simplified the procedure on work visa application for foreigners. For example, if previously IMTA was required, it is no longer the case.

Below are some of the important changes on work visa application in Indonesia.

Foreigners no longer need to apply for IMTA

In March 2021, the Indonesian Government issued The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Regulation No. 8/2021 that revoked MOM Regulations No. 10/2018 concerning The Employment of Foreign Workers. The recent regulation stipulates that RPTKA approval now serves as the basis for the authority to grant a limited stay visa (VITAS). Once you have received a VITAS, the immigration in Indonesia will issue your limited stay permit (KITAS/ITAS).

Directors and commissioners that are also shareholders no longer need RPTKA 

The RPTKA Approval is no longer required for foreign directors and commissioners with a certain ownership of shares in the company.

The RPTKA Approval is also exempted for foreigners who are engaged in diplomatic and consular activities, hired by a local employer for emergency activities, as well as vocational activities for Indonesian tech-based startups.

However, it is also worth noting that this exemption for startups only lasts for three months, after which the company must apply for the RPTKA Approval.

For further information on essentials about Indonesian work visa, read Work Permit in Indonesia from A to Z

Positions that can be Filled by Foreign Nationals

As previously mentioned, the Indonesian government is attempting to a more business-friendly environment for foreign investors. In addition to simplifying the work visa application process, the government has lifted some positions that were restricted for foreign nationals.

Some updates on the positions include the following:

  • Foreigners are now able to fill the positions of commissioner and director in all business classifications.
  • Foreigners can become general managers in all departments, except for HR department.
  • Many previous job restrictions on foreign workers have been lifted. Accountants, legal advisers and legal consultants, for example, are now open to foreigners.
  • Foreigners can secure work visas in a more variety of roles in coaching, leisure and entertainment, etc. under registered impresario companies.

Note that there are certain job positions that are prohibited for foreign workers. According to the Minister of Manpower Decree No. 349/2019, foreigners are not eligible to work and obtain a work permit for the following positions:

  • Personnel Director
  • Industrial Relation Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Personnel Development Supervisor
  • Personnel Recruitment Supervisor
  • Personnel Placement Supervisor
  • Employee Career Development Supervisor
  • Personnel Declare Administrator
  • Personnel and Career Specialist
  • Personnel Specialist
  • Job Advisor
  • Job Advisor and Counselor
  • Employee Mediator
  • Job Training Administrator
  • Job Interviewer
  • Job Analyst, and;
  • Occupational Safety Specialist

Business Ventures in Indonesia

People on contractual employment or who want to do business ventures in Indonesia will find the work permit useful. In addition,  English teachers looking for a career opportunity may apply for work visas for a career in Indonesia.

KITAS is valid for a whole year from the date of issue and an annual extension is possible. It can be be extended for five years in a row, as long as the sponsoring company remains the same. After five extensions, a work visa holder in Indonesia is eligible to apply for a permanent stay permit (KITAP).

If the visa holder leaves the country anytime in between, they will be required to show a re-entry permit at the time of departure. Such exits are subject to a duty charge by the FISKAL Indonesia department.

Processing of a work visa application in Indonesia takes approximately 30 days. An entire year of validity and the possibility of extension allows one to work in the country for five years at a stretch. The visa enables professionals from different walks of life to have official entry into the country for professional pursuits.

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