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Foreign Employment in Vietnam in a Nutshell

Posted 16.01. 2019 by Cekindo

If you need skills that are in short supply in Vietnam, or when you would like to gain new ideas and technologies, your business can reap the benefits of employing talents from overseas. If a company in Vietnam would like to recruit foreigners as their employees or partners, they need to follow certain official processes …

Learn Unexpected Benefits of a Coworking Space in Semarang

Posted 15.01. 2019 by Cekindo

When you think of the coworking space scene in Indonesia, places like Jakarta and Bali may come to mind, but Semarang is another city with coworking space on the rise. With start-ups that have grown substantially in the past few years in Semarang, the demand of coworking space is unstoppable, especially when taking into consideration …

Benefits of Relocating Your Factory from China to Semarang

Posted 14.01. 2019 by Cekindo

Even though the financial situation at the end of 2018 affected Indonesia’s economy negatively, the country is recovering, and funds are continuously pouring into many cities in Indonesia. This article focuses on the city of Semarang where overseas investment has been flowing mainly into the manufacturing of shoes, glass, small boats, textiles, and electrical equipment. …

Is Doing Business on a Spouse Visa Legal in Indonesia?

Posted 9.01. 2019 by Cekindo

To qualify for a spouse visa, or a permanent stay permit (KITAP) in Indonesia, you must be legally married to an Indonesian citizen. A marriage is only legal when it is officially recognised by the government anywhere in Indonesia where you were married. Domestic partnerships, in which a couple have not formalised their relationship but …

Cekindo Has Officially Partnered with InCorp Group

Posted 8.01. 2019 by Cekindo

We are thrilled to announce that PT Cekindo Bisnis Grup has been acquired by InCorp Group, a leading corporate services company in Asia Pacific, with headquarters in Singapore. The acquisition took place on 21 December 2018. Due to this acquistion, our operations have been transferred from previously PT Cekindo Bisnis Grup to now PT Cekindo …

Introduction to Environmental Permits in Indonesia

Posted 8.01. 2019 by Cekindo , last update on 16.01. 2019

Environmental permits or licenses are required for certain businesses that impact the environment to operate in Indonesia. The environmental permit is particularly important for those businesses or sectors their activities affect the environment, such as releasing any waste or materials into the water or air. Not only that the environmental permit requires the organization to …

Latest Development of Digital Financial Innovation in Indonesia

Posted 4.01. 2019 by Cekindo

The Indonesian Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – OJK) officially issued a Regulation No. POJK 13 /POJK.02/2018 concerning Digital Financial Innovation in Financial Services Sector (“POJK 13”) that was put into effect on August 16, 2018. POJK 13 was set up to regulate the exploding growth of digital industries eagerly participating in Indonesian financial …

Understand and Comply with E-Invoicing in Vietnam

Posted 4.01. 2019 by Cekindo

In an effort to create an attractive business environment for foreign investors and reduce the complexity of Vietnam’s policy by digitalisation, the Vietnamese government did a huge step towards becoming one of the global business hubs. …

OSS System Services Begin to Operate at BKPM

Posted 31.12. 2018 by Cekindo

Nearing the end of the year 2018, The Electronic Integrated Business Licensing System (Perizinan Berusaha Terintegrasi Secara Elektronik abbreviated as PBTSE), also known as the Online Single Submission (OSS) system, will be transferred from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs to the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), starting on January 2, 2019. The schedule is as …

Limited Liability Company in Vietnam in a Nutshell

Posted 31.12. 2018 by Cekindo

Vietnam’s dynamic environment for businesses is reflected in the growing wealth, increasing middle-income group, larger young population, greater mobility, and urbanization, as well as the shifting consumer attitudes. Entrepreneurs usually prefer to take advantage of the new business environment to achieve new business breakthroughs and horizons. Starting a business in Vietnam is definitely one of …

New Negative Investment List Opens 54 Sectors to Foreigners

Posted 28.12. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 3.01. 2019

In order to boost foreign and domestic investments in Indonesia, the government of Indonesia is going to update the Negative Investment List (NIL), which was last amended in 2016. Reasons for the Change? The new list was announced in November 2018 as part of the 16th economic policy package by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic …

Discover Indonesia’s Real Estate Potential with a Property Agent

Posted 28.12. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 2.01. 2019

With economy rising at an impressive pace and increasing middle-class presence in Indonesia, there are thousands and millions of homebuyers, building and office space buyers currently seeking for the perfect spot. As a result, Indonesia’s real estate property sector presents enormous business opportunities for investors to dive into — only if you know how and …