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8 Biggest Coworking Space Myths You Must Not Believe

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Despite the growing popularity of coworking space in Indonesia, the concept of coworking space is still relatively new for many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, many organisations and individuals have their shares of skepticism and misconceptions regarding coworking spaces.

Understandably, many of them have false assumptions, especially that coworking space in Indonesia is growing at a rapid pace and many of them fear the unknown.

So today, we’re here to clear the air by debunking the myth about coworking space – and you will eventually realise that coworking space in Indonesia is an oasis of innovation and creativity.

The 8 Myths of Coworking Space Not to Believe

1. It is expensive to get a coworking space

On the contrary, a coworking space is much cheaper compared to the long-term lease of a traditional rented office.

What is more, it provides the best value and flexibility with diverse membership packages tailored to your business needs.

One more reason that a coworking space is a cost-effective option because it covers the costs for high-tech facilities and daily maintenance such as cleaning and housekeeping.

2. Working in a coworking space is like working in a cafe

Coworking space in Indonesia does indeed offer complimentary coffee and tea (depending on the provider), but it is not even close to a cafe or coffee shop.

Unlike working in a coffee shop, working in a coworking space gives you all the convenience like a generous workstation, sufficient electrical outlets, and speedy internet in an inspiring and professional environment.

In a coffee shop, you will constantly get distracted by people walking in and out, the coffee machine and chatters.

3. Only startups and freelancers need a coworking space

This is a very common myth which is still deeply rooted in most people’s mind. We need to debunk this myth once and for all.

Coworking spaces are not only suitable for aspiring startups and freelancers, but it is also designed to cater to small and medium enterprises, professional individuals and huge corporations.

All of them can benefit from a coworking space due to its flexibility, networking opportunities, and low costs.

4. A coworking space is not safe

The truth is, a coworking space is equipped with a surveillance camera and locked doors with controlled access through identification.

5. A coworking space lacks privacy

This is a false assumption because there are different workspace options available for different users. You can choose a private cabin instead.

6. A coworking space is not for introverts

This is absolutely incorrect. A coworking space consists of all sorts of people with diverse backgrounds and personalities.

7. Subscribing to a coworking space is similar to renting an office

Even though you can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional office in a coworking space, a coworking space is not the same as an office space.

A coworking space allows you to scale up or downsize but a traditional office does not.

8. A coworking space is unprofessional

People think like that because they haven’t seen a coworking space before. A coworking space has professional meeting rooms, reception and other facilities that make the meeting with your clients or team efficient.

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