bali visa for indians

Bali Visa Options for Indians

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Bali has been on top of the list for most tourists from all over the world with its international airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport, welcoming approximately 2.4 million foreign visitors between January and May in 2019.

According to the Central Statistics Agency, there were 6 million foreigners visiting the Island of the Gods in 2018. These tourists are mostly from India, China and Australia. The number of Indian tourists visiting Bali within that said period was recorded at 151,959.

Apart from the striking beaches, exotic temples and other stunning landscapes, one of the main factors that has led to the significant increase of Indian visitors in Bali is the similarity of religion and culture between Balinese and Indian. Hinduism is the primary religion for most people in Bali and India.

Furthermore, the new flight route between Mumbai, a city in India, and Bali operated by Garuda Indonesia is expected to augment the number of Indian visitors in Bali to a new height.

Currently, India is one of the 169 countries that are eligible for the free visa granted by the Indonesian government. However, the free visa is only available for a certain period of time and may have some restrictions depending on your purpose and length of visit.

Here’s the insightful guide about Bali visa options from Cekindo that Indian nationals should read before coming to Bali.

Bali Visa Options for Indians

Short-stay Visa in Bali

This is a free visa for Indians and it allows Indians to stay for a maximum of 30 days in Bali for purposes such as vacations, conference attendance, family visits, and so on.

You do not need to apply for this free short-stay visa but you do need to get a visa exemption stamp at the immigration counter once you have arrived in Bali.

The short-stay free visa cannot be extended and you will risk being blacklisted or deported if you overstay your visa.

bali visa for indians

Long-stay Visa in Bali

Bali long-stay visa allows you to stay for more than 30 days or 60 days in Indonesia. The purpose of this type of visa is to give you more time so that you can obtain your work permit, visit Bali multiple times to attend workshops or to do market research. You are not allowed to be employed or to earn income under this visa.

The most common types of long-stay visa for Indian passport holders are: Visa-on-Arrival (VoA), Social and Cultural Visa B-211, and Business Visa.

Visa-on-Arrival (VoA)

Indian citizens do not need to apply for a VoA abroad. You can just buy the visa at the immigration counter upon your arrival in Bali. With this visa, you can stay in Bali up to 60 days from the date of arrival. However, VoA is only valid for 30 days and you have to extend it for another 30 days to have a total of 60 days.

Social and Cultural Visa (B-211)

Indians can apply for a social and cultural visa B-211 with a validity of 60 days. A B-211 can be extended for a maximum of 4 times and you have a 30-day stay for each extension. A sponsorship letter is required and a visa agent can help you with that.

Business Visa

If Indians want to take part in business-related activities such as trainings, seminars, meetings and so on, a Bali business visa is the best option. These business activities shall not involve any monetary transactions.

A business visa is available in single-entry or multiple-entry, valid for up to 60 days for each visit.

How Cekindo can Assist with Visa Applications

When you need a visa application, you require a reliable and fast visa service company to ensure that your visa is issued timely and accurately.

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