BPO Companies in Indonesia Help a Crisis Situation Like COVID-19

Why Business Process Outsourcing Services Matter in a Crisis Situation Like COVID-19 in Indonesia

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Outsourcing to BPO companies in Indonesia helps enterprises save resources and time and explore new revenue areas. It is a common business practice in Indonesia that companies partner with a third-party organisation for services to manage tasks that are often performed in-house.

The objective of business process outsourcing is to ease employees from activities that eat up a substantial amount of time, money, and resources.

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Why BPO Services Have Become Even More Important in a Crisis

The world has changed tremendously due to the coronavirus and civil unrest across the globe. Therefore, how we live our life every day has changed, and the way people run their businesses have also shifted.

To improve productivity and reduce costs in the long run during this crisis, a great number of business owners outsource their non-core activities to BPO companies in Indonesia.

Business process outsourcing is the fastest way for organisations to get back on their feet and boost their competitive edges in this unprecedented time.

The most important tasks to outsource in a crisis are accounting, tax filing and reporting, payroll processing, and human resource functions.

1. Amplify Efficiency and Performance

Inefficient processes can cost companies a lot of money: up to 30% of a company’s annual revenue.

To address these inefficiencies, businesses outsource their time-consuming and tedious functions that consume their precious resources and time. BPO frees up the time and resources of a company, enabling it to concentrate on key development tasks and scale.

2. Reap the Technological Benefits

You will have access to more advanced technologies and resources when you partner with a BPO in Indonesia. No additional expenses will incur since you don’t have to purchase the latest technology equipment or software yourself.

3. Save Costs

This is the most obvious factor why BPO is so important as most businesses have suffered a big financial hit from COVID-19.

Many small and medium companies were forced to shut down due to the lack of financial resources. Thus, for those businesses that are struggling, BPO can cut back on their in-house expenses and help them get through this difficult time.

4. Reduce Legal Complications

Outsourcing your business processes means that you share some of the business risks with your BPO partner. A BPO service provider has the required experience and expertise to help you manage and mitigate legal risks associated with your investment, operation, and employment.

5. Access to Global Top Talent

One of the challenges that businesses face during this pandemic is to get the right talent due to the travel restrictions and lockdowns. One way to deal with this talent shortage is through outsourcing repetitive business processes. BPO gives you access to a more diverse and flexible workforce no matter where your business is located.

6. Gain Competitiveness

Working with BPO companies in Indonesia can especially help smaller companies gain great competitiveness in this dynamic market. BPO gives small and medium businesses access to the qualified workforce, the latest technology, and other valuable skills and resources that used to be available to big corporates.

Cekindo as Your BPO Company in Indonesia

In this challenging time, BPO companies in Indonesia can help you create business continuity for better operations and workflows.

Cekindo offers multiple services to our clientele including recruitment, accounting and tax filing, visas and permit application, and a lot more. Our BPO services can help transform your organisation even in a crisis like COVID-19.

Interested in outsourcing your business process? Check out our BPO services or get in touch with our experts by filling out the form below.

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