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Brebes: An Alternative Place for Your Company Relocation to Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 28 May 2020
  • 3 minute reading time

It is no longer a surprise that the relationship between two powerful countries the United States of America and China has been tense for some time, mainly due to the trade war and the current coronavirus pandemic.

As seen on the news, the US president Donald Trump is planning to move his pharmaceutical companies to Indonesia. His companies are currently operating in China.

As such, Brebes in Central Java was selected as the relocation place and now the government is preparing a 4,000-hectare industrial complex, specifically built for the pharmaceutical industry. The construction will soon take place.

It is not without consideration that Brebes was deemed as the ideal place for companies that intend to relocate to Indonesia. According to Brebes Regency Government, so far there have been more than 20 companies that have set up factories in the regency. Furthermore, the government also intends to develop the Brebes Industrial Estate and as of 2019, more than 30 companies from different business sectors were registered as occupants.

In addition to Brebes Industrial Complex, there is also a plan to build another industrial complex on Java island, which is in Madura.

How Can You Relocate Your Company to Brebes?

Relocating a foreign company to Brebes does not have to be complicated, like you may have imagined, provided that all the legal requirements are fulfilled.

However, it may take tremendous amount of time to relocate your business, especially if you are planning to do it on your own. On average, the entire company relocation process of a foreign company takes around six months.

Another important thing to take note is that a foreign company relocation can only take place if the owner of the company possesses a work permit, related visa, business licenses, and other registration documents to ensure 100% compliance.

But the good news is, a business owner who has relocated its business to Brebes is not required to reside in the area or the country. Only at the beginning of the company setup or whenever is deemed necessary does the business owner need to be in Indonesia.

To be able to run the company and business fully, the business owner can hire a resident to manage the company, handle the business operations and perform other related tasks and duties.

Company Relocation to Indonesia with Cekindo

Starting a business in or relocating to Indonesia can be an exciting but challenging undertaking. But, to ensure seamless and successful relocation to Indonesia,  getting everything right from the beginning is the key.

As such, you would not want to underestimate the importance of having the right guidance and advice from a team of experienced consultants and legal specialists at Cekindo.

Our relocation specialists can advise you on how to successfully set up and structure your new business in Brebes, or anywhere else in Indonesia, while at the same time complying with the local regulations. We provide one-stop incorporation solutions, from company registration and business license application to product registration and immigration services.

Now, all you need for your company and business to be up and running in Brebes is Cekindo. Fill in the form below to discuss your relocation need with us. 

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An expert for more than 10 years, Pandu Biasramadhan, has an extensive background in providing top-quality and comprehensive business solutions for enterprises in Indonesia and managing regional partnership channels across Southeast Asia.

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