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How Can You Change Your Company Address in Indonesia?

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Many things can change when you are doing, running and growing your business in Indonesia, in order to fit the current market trend or organisational circumstances.

Therefore, this is when you will also need to introduce some changes to your company. These changes can be as simple as setting up a new office or upgrading a piece of old equipment to a new one. It can also be as complex as share transfer, increase or decrease of share capital and company address change.

Today, Cekindo will bring you with us to take a look at an important change – company address change. Most of the time, company address change may be avoidable if you are clear about your business location, activities and shareholders at the very beginning.

That’s why we always emphasise the importance of acquiring the essential knowledge from a professional business consultant before acting too soon to set up a new business.

However, if the company address change is inevitable, the following things we are going to talk about are what you need to take note of.

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Can You Change Your Company Address in Indonesia?

Changing your company address is allowed when doing business in Indonesia. There is a caveat, though.

You will also need to change or revise every document that is associated with your company address, from business cards to office stationeries, business licenses to the article of association, among many others.

In general, the relevant documents that require amendment or adjustment due to the change of company address include the following:

  • Domicile letter (SKDP)
  • Articles of Association upon the agreement of shareholders at the GMS
  • Stakeholder structure (directors, commissioners, shareholders)
  • Company’s capital
  • BKPM (The Investment Coordinating Board) licenses for the foreign-owned company (PT PMA)
  • Company registration certificate (TDP)
  • Documents of tax identification such as tax identification number (NPWP), tax registration certificate (SKT) and taxable entrepreneur (PKP)
  • Other permits and business licenses in regard to your business activities such as trading and import licenses (API-U and API-P)


There are two options when you wish to change your company address in Indonesia:

  • Company address change to a different district
  • Company address change within the same district


Therefore, depending on whether you change your company address to another city or within the same district, the revision timeline for each of the relevant documents is different.

If your company stays in the same district, the document revision process may take about one month; if your company moves to another district, the same process may take approximately two months.

What Should You Prepare?

If your company moves to a place within the same building, same location or same district, you will need to submit a new domicile letter to the local tax office.

If your company moves to a different district, first of all, you should close your local tax account and open a new one at the tax office in the new district.

Take note that if your business is located in Jakarta, the process may be slightly different as a domicile letter is no longer required. Contact our business incorporation specialist for further details.

How Cekindo can Assist You in Doing Business in Indonesia

Cekindo is a well-thought-of business consultant entrusted to set and drive the business environment in Indonesia by helping aspiring investors and businesses to do business in Indonesia effectively.

We support the economic transformation of Indonesia into a prospering, diversified economy that aims to accelerate the productivity growth of the individual, company and the entire country.

Our vision as a business and legal consultant is to contribute to Indonesia’s remarkable reputation as a global business hub, through developing international relations, maintaining international standards, creating business and employment, and boosting economic development.

If you are still unclear about how to go about starting your business or changing your company address in Indonesia, you’re encouraged to talk to us for further information.

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