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How to Choose the Right Corporate Secretarial Service Provider in Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 2 April 2020
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Indonesia is a popular business hub for not only the Southeast Asian investors but also for investors from the western hemisphere such as the Europeans and Americans. This favourable economic growth in the past and present in the country is the main reason why so many of them are setting up companies and doing business in Indonesia.

Aside from the prospering economy, the large population and diverse demographics are also the factors there are so many business opportunities and potential markets for investors to tap into.

With countless businesses popping up in Indonesia every day, corporate secretarial tasks are also increasing tremendously. Corporate secretarial tasks are unavoidable and they should be done right for a business to succeed.

However, these corporate secretarial tasks can sometimes be a burden or become overwhelming for business owners if they don’t have the resources and expertise to deal with them.

As a result, partnering with a corporate secretarial services provider is a new trend when doing business in Indonesia to help business owners increase business efficiency and save a lot of money.

It’s a smart move towards business success if you’re already planning to collaborate with a corporate secretarial service provider in Indonesia.

However, there are certain things you need to consider while choosing the right corporate secretarial services when doing business in Indonesia.

Read the rest of this article to find out.

The Importance of Corporate Secretarial Services in Indonesia

Corporate secretarial services are important when doing business in Indonesia because these services will not only give you expert advice, but also the specialists will use their expertise and knowledge to troubleshoot each unique issue.

The unique approaches that a corporate secretarial provider apply to your business will help your company grow in all possible aspects.

Nowadays, most companies in Indonesia require assistance from corporate secretarial services providers. These services include outsourced tasks to ensure the proper functions, performance, and compliance of the company.

Engaging with a corporate secretarial services provider while doing business in Indonesia benefits companies in many ways. For example, cost reduction without hiring a full-time internal secretary, prevention of conflicts due to unbiased suggestions and decisions, and specific expertise with regard to legal compliance.

What to Look for Before Engaging a Corporate Service Provider

Since the quality of a corporate service provider makes or breaks your business, therefore when it comes to choosing a corporate secretarial firm, you should do it discreetly with proper research and due diligence.

Several things you should look into when you choose a corporate service provider for your business:

  1. Depending on the type of your legal entity (local company, foreign-owned company or representative office) you must choose a provider who is familiar with your company type.
  2. Your corporate service provider must be able to give you advice on corporate bank account issues including those accounts overseas. They should also advise you on how these accounts can be managed and controlled effectively.
  3. You must make sure that the corporate secretarial service firm is legally registered in Indonesia and they have years of experience and knowledge in the Indonesian market.
  4. Ask them about the number of the clients they have served and take a look at their portfolio. A reputably established service provider must have a strong portfolio with positive testimonials to show.
  5. Find out the reputation of the firm that you are going to partner with. Check out what the former clients say about this firm and do some research online and offline.

Doing Business in Indonesia with Cekindo

Our team of corporate secretary services experts at Cekindo is with you every step of the way when doing business in Indonesia.

From company registration and incorporation to corporate advisory, regulatory reporting to legal compliance, Cekindo’s immense expertise and strong connections with the governmental and private sectors made us the first-choice partner of businesses of all sizes.

Our extensive corporate secretarial services encompass the following areas:

  • Legal consultation
  • Employment law
  • Business document revision
  • Corporate background and credit check
  • Legal agreement service


Whether you are a startup, small-medium enterprise, growing private firm or a multinational firm looking to do business in Indonesia, Cekindo can assist in getting your business started right and being successful in the long run. Let us help you.

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