virtual office indonesia for healthcare industry

Healthcare Industry and the Use of Virtual Office in Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 28 October 2019
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Technology and the use of virtual office in Indonesia, or anywhere around the world, have created many opportunities in the healthcare industry. With the New Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices, healthcare providers are now able to determine diagnosis faster and more accurately. This includes remote consultations, patient monitoring through medical wearable, virtual health portals and kiosks, and online health records.

The related telemedicine and telehealth options will continue to increase, allowing health and medical practitioners to be able to diagnose issues, monitor patient conditions, prescribe medications without the traditional face-to-face visits.

Studies have shown that these advancements have made healthcare more affordable and more convenient as compared to the conventional in-person and emergency visits. This virtual healthcare revolution has not only driven revenue for most healthcare sectors, it is also critical in solving the physician shortage issues. Virtual offices are particularly important players in this new healthcare paradigm and we will tell you why in this article.

Roles of Virtual Office in Healthcare Industry in Indonesia

virtual office indonesia and healthcare industry

Many aspects of virtual offices in Indonesia will lead to increased quality of patient care and significant savings for healthcare providers. Here are some of them:

Less Time Spent in the Office

Telehealth and telemedicine options through virtual offices allow doctors and nurses to spend significantly less time in the physical office. As such, they will now have more time to provide care and consultations to patients anytime and anywhere in the world.

Mobile Apps for Both Care Providers and Patients

With the explosion of mobile applications, there are currently more than 165,000 healthcare- and medical-related apps available in Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

Doctors, nurses and patients use these apps for wide and different healthcare purposes. For instance, a doctor may use an app on his or her mobile phone to look up the prescriptions suitable for a particular diagnosis. As for patients, they may use a healthcare app to monitor their health or to perform a medical research.

Minimum Physical Office Requirement

As a healthcare provider, you will be able to decrease the size of your physical office if you adopt the virtual office solutions. For example, you will not need that big of a space for your waiting rooms anymore with the use of online scheduling and telemedicine applications.

The saving potential can be huge for your healthcare business especially in big cities like Jakarta and Semarang and a popular island like Bali, where the property and rental prices are rather high (especially in Jakarta). Don’t worry about the need of conference or meeting rooms as virtual offices do come with these options based on your requirements.

virtual office indonesia for healthcare industry

Patients Are Welcoming the Advent of Telehealth and Telemedicine

It is obvious that digital innovations have transformed a big portion of traditional business models including healthcare. Healthcare businesses through virtual offices can actually provide higher quality of care to patients while reducing costs and increasing profit margins.

Thus, the convenience and higher quality of telehealth and telemedicine through virtual offices are widely accepted and welcomed by most patients globally.

Patients Are Taken Care of Anywhere, Anytime

Of course, sometimes a proper diagnosis will need more than just wearables and phone conversation. This doesn’t mean that physicians need to see patients in person.

Rather, physicians can do this through the video conferencing services available at virtual offices, allowing them to examine and assess patients with the combination of mobile apps, medical wearables and other technology devices.

Solutions from Cekindo

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