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How to Network in a Coworking Space in Indonesia

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Whether you like it or not, networking is a crucial part of running your successful business in Indonesia. Unlike working in a traditional office that is usually opted by big businesses, working at a coworking space in Indonesia provides budding entrepreneurs with networking opportunities to be in close proximity to many other exciting potential businesses, a great alternative to the traditional networking events.

You will be missing out on opportunities to grow your business if your purpose of using a coworking space is just to stay behind the computer all the time.

You need to go beyond that and make an effort to connect with people in a substantial and meaningful way.

Networking is not an option anymore, it is a skill you need to master in order to build your empire in Indonesia.

If you are still wondering how to network like a pro in a coworking space in Indonesia, here are five effective ways to help you get started.

Ways to Network

networking at coworking space indonesia

Initiate a Conversation

If people don’t come talk to you, go talk to them! Initiating a conversation is easier than you thought.

Firstly, you may start with asking someone how long they have been a member if you meet them in the copier room.

If you have bonded over the conversation, you can further ask them to go for a coffee run with you.

Make People Feel Comfortable

After you have broken the ice and initiated the conversation, build a connection with the person by focusing on them. Talk about the things that they love to talk about themselves.

Be helpful, open-minded and friendly. You surely don’t want to quickly jump to pitch your business because you may look desperate and it may backfire. So keep things focused on having a conversation, but not making a sales pitch.

Network Whenever Possible

Don’t wait until you need some business contacts to start networking with others. Networking doesn’t work like this and it will never be helpful for your business if you only make contact at the 11th hour. Try to enter a network and initiate a conversation whenever the opportunities come by.

What is more, prepare yourself with the mentality that it’s totally okay if these contacts you have built do not help your business directly or immediately. These contacts may come in handy in the future, who knows?

Always Have a Plan

Take advantage of the regular networking events hosted at your coworking space. When attending a more business-focused networking event, it is best to have your business plan ready.

So when it comes to presenting your pitch, you can articulate how you can add value to different industries.

Don’t give a long-winded sales pitch. Instead, talk briefly about yourself and go straight to the point on what you can bring to the table.

Be Helpful

As the conversation starts to progress further, you can start to involve in discussions regarding idea sharing and trade knowledge, which can lead to future gains for both parties.

Make the person you talk to feel that they experience a new level of creativity and innovation when talking to you. So, share what you know and help people.

Being helpful is one of the best ways to effectively interact and leave a great impression upon others in a coworking space.

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