Idul Fitri Special Deals

Enjoy the benefits of our Idul Fitri Special Deals. Get FREE 6 months virtual office for your business in Jakarta and Bali.

Virtual Office FREE 6 months, only with Idul Fitri Special Deals

Let’s celebrate Idul Fitri 1438 with us and get many benefits with our Idul Fitri Special Deals.

Idul Fitri Special Deals

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Pandu Biasramadhan

Pandu is the Consulting Manager at Cekindo. He has extensive experience in working with government agencies. Notably, he has provided market-entry solutions for enterprises in Indonesia and managed regional partnership channels in Southeast Asia. At Cekindo, Pandu aspires to lead the consulting team to provide top-quality market-entry services and maintain a portfolio of global clientele. His specialty is market-entry advisory and business process outsourcing.