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5 Most Important Things to Know before Importing from Bali to Australia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 6 April 2020
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Since Indonesia and Australia share borders in terms of geographical things, both countries have a strong relationship in many fields. One of them is the economic activity that gives advantages for both nations. The geographical factor creates a new market for the trading of some sectors and industries.

For example, you can find many logistics companies in Bali providing shipping service to Australia. Many things can be sent from and to both countries.

This phenomenon shows that both regions have a strong and mutual business relationship. Hence, this condition will have a good impact on economic growth.

If you are interested in importing or sending your goods from Bali to Australia, you need to know several basic and important things before doing that.

All of them are to guarantee the process runs well. Here are 5 important things to be paid attention to before you import goods from Bali to Australia.

Importing from Bali to Australia

1. Documents

Holding an export-import activity means you need to fulfill certain documents to ensure your goods will be sent properly.

Some documents that must be filled are the Australian Packing Declaration, Bill of Lading, Fumigation Certificate, and Certificate of Origin. You also need a Storage Declaration, Commercial Invoice, and Phytosanitary Documents.

All documents are required by the Australian government. If there is one document missing, it can ruin the shipping process. Make sure that every document that is required is still within its validity period.

2. Insurance

Using insurance is a proper decision before doing the importing process. Insurance will give a guarantee for your goods and things that will be sent to Australia.

Some of the Indonesian companies put a 2.5% insurance rate on the total value of goods.

To get the lowest rate, choose Perth as the destination. Perth is the nearest part of Australia from Bali. It means you do not need to spend much money to arrange insurance.

3. Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is needed for every good that is sent to other countries. In this case, you need to understand and follow the Indonesian exporting rules and Australian importing rules.

Customs Clearance is an administrative process for sending goods that every country has.

In a normal condition, the process of Customs Clearance is around 3 to 14 working days. It depends on types and how many goods that will be sent.

4. Import Restrictions

All countries have laws for export-import activities.

In Australia, you are prohibited to send several types of products, such as steroids, plants, drugs, protected wildlife, and animals.

Not only that, but you are also not allowed to send heritage items, weapons, and firearms to Australia.

What happens if you break the rules? First, your goods will be destroyed. Second, you can be banned from sending anything to Australia.

5. Trade Descriptions

Australia law requires every imported stuff labeled by a trade description. The labeling process is held in the origin region, in this case, Bali.

These rules are regulated in The Commerce Trade Descriptions Act 1905. The label must be written in the English language, mentioning the name of the origin region where the products are packed. The label also includes the description of the products.

Since this thing is important, ensure that your goods are described in English and easy to understand.

Import Export with Cekindo’s Assistance

After knowing some important things about importing goods to Australia, it is time to expand your business. Make sure all aspects are fulfilled before conducting the process.

Cekindo can assist you by providing guidance, taking care of the documents and dealing with the authorities, among others.

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