Investment in Indonesia: Value & Sectors for Central Java 2020

Investment Value and Top Investment Sectors in Central Java in 2020

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  • 7 October 2020
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Investors from all around the world are interested in investing in developing countries mainly because of their low labour and production costs and easy access to resources. As one of the developing countries with the fastest economic growth, Indonesia has become an enticing investment destination for quite some time. In addition to the low expenses and access to resources, Indonesia is known for its huge population and the tremendous growth of its middle class.

Investors who are interested in investing in Indonesia, both local and foreign, must seriously consider Central Java as their next investment destination. This article discusses the investment value and top investment sectors in Central Java in the first semester of 2020 and reasons to invest in Semarang.

Investment Realisation in Central Java in 2020

In the first semester of 2020, Central Java ranked no. 10 in terms of investments from foreign owned company (PT PMA) and ranked no. 4 when it comes to investments from locally owned company (PT PMDN). Details can be seen in the following tables.

PT PMA Investments across Indonesia

No. Province Investment (US$ Thousand)
1 West Java 2,266,727.4
2 DKI Jakarta 1,762,735.6
3 North Maluku 994,583.4
4 East Java 868,752.8
5 Central Sulawesi 793,062.1
6 Riau Islands 767,472.8
7 Banten 734,407.2
8 Sulawesi Tenggara 688,786.8
9 North Sumatra 640,883.9
10 Central Java 625,974.0
11 Other Provinces 3,467,051
Total 13.610.437,1


PT PMDN Investments across Indonesia

No. Province Investment (US$ Thousand)
1 East Java 2,793,648.2
2 DKI Jakarta 1,812,828.3
3 West Java 1,810,078.5
4 Central Java 1,372,103.0
5 Riau 1,088,302.9
6 Banten 720,468.6
7 North Sumatra 715,171.2
8 East Kalimantan 692,686.0
9 Riau Islands 422,797.4
10 Lampung 371,320.8
11 Other Provinces 3,434,497
Total 15,233,901.5


With regard to industries, the following tables detail investments in Central Java from PT PMA and PT PMDN.

PT PMA Investments in Central Java

No. Industry Investment (US$ Thousand)
1 Furniture industry 6,722.5
2 Apparel industry 32,014.2
3 Big trade, not cars and motorbikes 5,014.3
4 Other processing industries 4,395.5
5 Timber industry, goods made of wood and cork (excluding furniture) and wicker articles of bamboo, rattan and the like 483.5
6 Food industry 6,170.8
7 Leather industry, leather goods and footwear 58,694.8
8 Textile industry 31,172.1
9 Chemical industry and chemical products 6,003.9
10 Provision of food and beverages 449.1
11 Others 474,853.3
Total   625,974.0


PT PMDN Investments in Central Java

No. Industry Investment (US$ Thousand)
1 Big trade, not cars and motorbikes 18,682.5
2 Retail trade, not cars and motorbikes 12,583.0
3 Food industry 113,373.3
4 Trade, repair and maintenance of cars and motorbikes 3,260.7
5 Civil building construction 3,303.8
6 Textile industry 21,588.1
7 Human health activities 33,010.5
8 Building construction 1,530.4
9 Rubber industry, rubber and plastic goods 6,862.1
10 Timber industry, goods made of wood and cork (excluding furniture) and wicker articles of bamboo, rattan and the like 5,233.7
11 Others 1,152,674.9
Total   1,372,103.0

Why Invest in Semarang

As the biggest city and capital of Central Java, Semarang enjoys a privileged location that offers proximity to many big cities, including Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. Its developed infrastructure has made it possible to access the popular business hubs as well as the more remote areas conveniently. In addition, it now has a Refuse–Derived Fuel (RDF) project, converting municipal solid waste (MSW) into electrical energy.

What is more, the labour force in Semarang is much bigger compared to a small city like Jakarta, making it easier and quicker to secure the top talents to support the growth of your company. When talking about labour cost, on average the wages are relatively lower compared to Jakarta. This helps to reduce expenses, especially when you are engaging in a labour-intensive industry like manufacturing.

Semarang is also known for its massive government support. Investors can enjoy investment-friendly system to start businesses in the city. In addition to the implementation of the Online Single Submission (OSS) system, Semarang has also implemented what is called the e-government. The entire investment and licensing process has been simplified. It also allows investors to keep up with the process online. A total of 148 online service applications have been created and integrated to provide entrepreneurs with convenience, accuracy and security.

Finally, Semarang is a wonderful place to start and run a business, thanks to its assimilation with numerous cultures, such as Chinese culture, Arabic culture, European culture and Javanese culture. It is also interesting to know that Central java ranks no. 13 for index of religious harmony, and Semarang as a city ranks no 19 for index of religious harmony.

Potential investments that are advised by the city’s mayor include light rail transit, PSEL Jatibarang, Simpang 5 underground, Semarang Technopark and Semarang Expo Center.

How Cekindo can Assist with Your Investment in Indonesia

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