Your Easy Guide to Investment Registration Certificate in Vietnam

Your Easy Guide to Investment Registration Certificate in Vietnam

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 16 July 2020
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With Vietnam’s fast-growing economy and its integration into the global supply chain, foreign investors are progressively investing in this alluring country to pursue more profits. The multiplying investments also mean the increasing number of company incorporation in Vietnam, especially over the past decade. In Vietnam, it is possible to establish a company with 100% foreign ownership.

For a foreigner or a foreign company to set up a company in Vietnam, they are required to register with Vietnam state authority and secure compulsory certificates and licenses. These procedures are necessary to protect the investor’s rights and prevent investment fraud.

In addition to the mandatory enterprise registration certificate, another requisite document that allows foreigners to register a foreign limited liability company in the country is the investment registration certificate.

Our incorporation specialists will give you an easy-to-follow guide on how you can go about securing an investment registration certificate in Vietnam.

What Is an Investment Registration Certificate in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, an investment registration certificate (IRC) is an electronic document for foreign investors from the Vietnamese government.

This piece of document states the information of a registered investment project that foreign investors are involved in through foreign direct investments (FDI).

The information includes investor details, investment objectives, project duration, land and requirements, and others.

Requirements and Process for Obtaining an Investment Registration Certificate

The government has simplified the process to get an Investment registration certificate in Vietnam since 2014 to encourage more foreign investments in the country.

If an investment project is subject to an investment policy decision, the investment authority (Vietnam’s Department of Planning and Investment, or DPI) will issue the IRC to investors within five working days upon the receipt of the investment policy.

If an investment project does not require an investment policy decision, investors must send in their application submission to the investment registration authority.

Then, the authority will issue the IRC to the investors within 15 working days once they have received a complete and valid application from the investors.

Documents Required for Individual Investors

  • A copy of each investor’s passport
  • A registered company address
  • A bank statement as the proof of funds
  • A descriptive summary of the investment project and its intended business sectors

Documents Required for Foreign Investors under Their Companies

  • A copy of the legal representative’s passport
  • The parent company’s business license or its equivalent
  • The parent company’s audited financial statements for the previous two years
  • The parent company’s Articles of Association

Typically, the entire process requires an average of 30 working days from the date of your IRC application submission. If your dossier is not complete and there is a further review required by other authorities, it may take up a longer time.

Therefore, it is important that your submission is complete and valid, and you meet all the stated requirements. If you still have the slightest confusion, you should always seek advice from a professional consultant locally.

How Cekindo Can Assist

Getting yourself familiar and constantly updated with the legal regulations in Vietnam can be challenging.

It is prudent to work with a local professional to get timely expertise and legislation updates. Cekindo is at your service to ensure a smooth registration process for your investment registration certificate in Vietnam.

Our team of experts will help you acquire your investment registration certificate in Vietnam without any troubles and inconveniences. If you are looking for long-term success for your business, our local know-how, global expertise, and dedicated support are what you need.

Apply with us now and your IRC will be with you very soon. Fill in the form below.

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