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Why Seeking Advice from A Legal Consultant is Important for Your Business in Jakarta

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As a smart business owner, when you start your business, you certainly hope that everything will go smoothly as planned, and then you’ll be ahead of the game. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. We do not live in an ideal world where everything can go as we want it to, and doing business is no exception. Missteps happen, troubling matters set in – the ups and downs of a business are certain and you’ll have to seek legal advice from time to time from a legal consultant in Jakarta.

Seeking legal advice from a professional legal consultant is indeed important. A professional legal consultant can provide incredible value to various aspects of your business and protect you from legal implications.

This article further elaborates the main reasons you need to seek legal advice from a legal consultant in Jakarta for your business.

Ensuring Successful Business Incorporation

Incorporating your company is not as difficult as it looks. However, it does involve more than just paying the registration fee and obtaining a business license.

You will need a legal consultant who is familiar with the process to guide you through the journey without any legal implications. Also, when it comes down to selecting the best legal entity for your business, you need to consider advice from different aspects provided by your consultant.

For most business owners, unless you are a legal professional, it is likely that you are not familiar with all the legalities, but a reliable legal consultant knows exactly what to do.

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property

Seeking legal advice does not end once your company is formed. Next, you will have to protect your company’s assets, especially the so-called intellectual property. If you have a new product or service, it is critical that you file a patent for them.

Intellectual property can be a very valuable asset to your company, and losing it may mean that your business would suffer. Thus, you should always seek legal advice for options.

If a patent is necessary, a legal consultant can help simplify the process and thus, cutting down unnecessary expenses that might incur if you do this on your own. Your legal consultant can also confirm that your new service or product does not infringe other people’s intellectual property.

Negotiating and Drafting a Proper Contract

It is important that you have a legal consultant to help with the legality while negotiating or drafting a contract – no matter if it is with or for an employee, a partner, an investor, a customer, or a supplier. A contract that hasn’t been reviewed carefully and approved by a legal consultant can become a real problem very soon.

Your legal consultant can spot any potential issues in the contract and scrutinize every fine print for contract drafting before you sign anything. They can also provide you with recommendations to ensure compliance and avoid possible contractual disputes among parties.

Protecting You and Your Business Against Lawsuits

Of course, no one wants to get sued. But sometimes, a minor blunder can cause the unexpected to happen. Therefore, if an opponent obtains a judgment against you, he or she can probably pursue your company’s property or even your personal assets to satisfy the judgment. Not only is that litigation costly and time-consuming, but it can also exhaust you and ruin your business.

By seeking legal support before anything happens is the way to go. Prevention is always the best when it comes to protecting your company’s reputation and assets.

An experienced legal consultant will be able to give you advice for any business activities to partake in and address particular concerns. With that being said, you will be able to mitigate the risks of being sued.

Cekindo has a team of in-house legal consultants and lawyers with deep expertise and broad experience. Throughout the years, we have been providing legal advice and legal assistance to clients from all over the world for their businesses in Indonesia. Get in touch with us today to discuss your legal needs by filling in the form below. Or visit our offices in Jakarta, Bali, and Semarang.

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Edy Tarlesno holds various certifications and a respectable degree to be an expert on internal and external legal compliance in Indonesia. His experience starts from bankruptcy and insolvency, leading to a prominent social foundation consultancy in Indonesia.

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