Buy a House in Vietnam Legally for Foreigners: How to

How to Legally Own a House in Vietnam for Foreigners

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 18 November 2020
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Can a foreigner buy a house in Vietnam? The Vietnamese Law indicates that foreigners or foreign entities can rent, buy, inherit, or receive project-based commercial houses, but not in locations that are prohibited for foreign house ownership.

Foreign entities include foreign enterprises foreign representative offices, branches of foreign banks in Vietnam, and foreign-invested funds companies. As for foreign individuals, they must have the legal right to enter Vietnam as per Vietnamese Law.

Currently, a foreigner can own more than one property thanks to the new Housing Law. However, there is still a limited number of houses that a foreigner or a foreign entity can own in specific areas.

Requirements for Owning a House in Vietnam

To buy a house in Vietnam, you must fulfill one of the two requirements: you are allowed to enter Vietnam legally or you invest in a housing construction project in the country.

1. Individuals who Are Legally Allowed to Enter Vietnam

  • Do not have diplomatic privileges or immunity


2. Foreign Individuals who Want to Invest in Projects

  • Obtain a certificate of investment
  • Own project-based houses following the Housing Law of Vietnam
  • Not including constructions in areas related to national defense and security

Rights and Obligations for Owning a House in Vietnam

According to the Housing Law in Vietnam, foreigners or foreign entities must adhere to certain obligations for owning a house in Vietnam. They are also eligible for specific rights as homeowners.

  • Foreigners or foreign entities shall not own more than 250 houses including row houses and villas, or rent/buy/inherit/receive more than 30% of apartment units in the same apartment building
  • Homeownership for foreign individuals are only valid for no more than 50 years based on the agreement, starting from the day when they receive the homeownership certificate
  • A foreign individual is eligible for permanent homeownership if he or she is married to a Vietnamese
  • Foreigners’ rights as homeowners are similar to those of Vietnamese citizens
  • Homeownership for foreign entities are only valid for the length of the duration stated on their investment certificate, starting from the day when they receive the homeownership certificate

How to Buy a House in Vietnam

Here are the principles steps for foreign individuals or foreign entities to purchase a house in Vietnam:

  1. Choose a property and sign a reservation agreement. It is advisable to review your reservation agreement with the help of a professional before signing.
  2. Pay a deposit to the property seller.
  3. Engage a due diligence specialist to conduct a background check. Things to examine include the seller’s identity, registration certificate, property certificate, ownership certificate, and others.
  4. Confirm the transaction by signing a housing contract. Get a Vietnamese translator to examine the contract’s content before signing.
  5. Pay fees and taxes at the local tax office where the property is situated. The seller will pay the income tax and the buyer will pay the registration fee.
  6. Apply for the certificate of ownership.

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