Success Story of a Medical Manufacturer in Indonesia

+6221 80660999. Czech Medical Manufacturer has increased its Medical Devices Sales by 75% in Indonesia during last 12 months!

A Czech medical manufacturer increased its medical device sales by 75% in Indonesia in 12 months!

Client Company Profile Smecial Medical Technology, Ltd. in Indonesia

Special Medical Technology, Ltd. (SMT) is a medical manufacturing firm based in the Czech Republic, focusing on the development, design, manufacture, sales and service of electrosurgery and cryosurgery systems, instruments, tools and accessories for various medical specialties, including special accessories for dentistry as well as parallel lines of equipment for veterinary surgery.

Cooperation Objectives

As a successful export company, SMT was facing a decrease in sales over the past few years in Indonesia, a market that has been crucial to the manufacturer’s total sales.

The main goal of cooperation between SMT and Cekindo was to identify and assist the client with evaluating the situation in Indonesian market and significantly increasing total sales in Indonesia over the previous years.

Process of Cooperation

Cekindo identified and assessed the current situation for SMT in Indonesia based on the company sales history.  We proposed new business solutions and strategies, including approaching current and new distributors, reconnecting relationships with some existing distributors, and establishing communication with new potential distributors.

After a preparation period, Cekindo assisted SMT in selecting suitable medical device distributors to handle SMT’s medical devices in Indonesia, supported the process of medical device registration, and set up business strategy with the selected distributor.

Currently Cekindo acts as SMT’s representative in the Indonesian market, responsible for communication and support of potential distributors in Indonesia on a daily basis, includeing inspection of medical devices after delivery.

Cooperation Achievements

During the first 12 months of our cooperation, we selected one distributor as the official local distributor for the Indonesian market, and eventually increased total sales of SMT medical devices by 75% compared with previous years in Indonesia.  This result was a very significant increase in sales over the past 7 years in Indonesia.

Thank you to all of the parties who participated in achieving this significant result.

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