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Find Success at Trade Fairs in Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 3 February 2014
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Find Success at International Trade fairs in Indonesia. It is no surprise that an increasing number of international trade fairs and conferences take place in Indonesia because the country’s market is very attractive to business.

Making the most of your participation in one of these fairs, however, requires preparation and perseverance, as well as local expertise to facilitate your market entry in Indonesia.

Indonesia is an appealing market for many reasons:

• A growing economy and ballooning middle class, presents a wealth opportunities for trade and company formation in Indonesia.
• Residents under the age of 30 account for more than half of the consumer population.
• Indonesia was named as ASEAN’s most attractive eCommerce market in the 2013 Southeast Asia eCommerce Readiness Index (eRI).

Dozens of trade fairs targeted at a wide variety of industries are scheduled throughout the year, mainly in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. The largest is Manufacturing Indonesia 2014, to be held in early December.

A small sampling of some other large 2014 Jakarta trade fairs includes:

PaperEx, Dec. 2 & 3 – Indonesia’s first major international trade fair for the pulp, paper and related industries.
IndoPharmaceutical Expo – Oct. 21-24
Cosmobeaute Indonesia, Oct. 9-11
TexTech International Expo, Oct. 29-31, Indonesia’s largest and most established textile and garment technology and machinery trade fair.

Foreign companies, particularly small and medium sized entities, can become frustrated by the challenges of entering the Indonesian market. Without qualified local representation it can be difficult to navigate the country’s infrastructure, complex legal rules, and cultural differences. Indonesia is a collectivist culture that values relationships and hierarchy. Without a business partner in Indonesia and relationship-building meetings, it could be difficult – and very slow – to find success with market expansions in Indonesia.

Before you commit to an international trade fair

it is imperative that your management team understands Indonesia market research for your products. Legal restrictions or licensing requirements for products may be a concern: There are requirements for product registration in Indonesia, including medical device registration or cosmetic product registration. Your type of business may require an importing license in Indonesia. Perhaps your business model needs to be adjusted before you initiate company set-up in Indonesia

Once due diligence is complete and you have decided to participate, you must apply for the proper business visa for Indonesia depending upon your goals. It is possible you may need an Indonesia work permit instead. In addition, your trade fair booth and marketing materials may need modification.
• You may want to have materials translated for your target market. Providers of business services in Indonesia, such as Cekindo, can assist.
• Review your marketing materials for acceptability in a global arena. Not every country’s values and standards align with your own.
• The majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim. Training your staff and trade fair representatives in the culture’s customs and accepted practices will help make communication smooth and effective.
• Know your most promising potential business partners in Indonesia when they come to your exhibit.

Preparing for a trade fair does not have to be a daunting or costly task. Outsourcing services in Indonesia can be very smooth with the proper business partner. Cekindo is a full-service consultant company in Indonesia that can guide your market entry by assisting with everything from preparing for a business visit in Indonesia to sourcing Indonesia suppliers or managing your company set up in Indonesia.

Ask for more information on how Cekindo can help.

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