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Why Do You Need A Mystery Shopper for Your Business in Indonesia?

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Do you know why so many businesses in Indonesia are successful? One of the reasons is that these brands send a mystery shopper out to improve their businesses.

Every year thousands of companies use mystery shoppers to access the business elements and get unbiased customer feedback, in order for businesses to get better at what they do. These secret shoppers do not have any ties with the companies and that is why their observations cannot be altered.

Retail sectors, including online retailers and brick-and-mortar retailers, engage in mystery shoppers more frequently than other industries. For retailers of physical stores, they have an edge over its online counterpart because the “customers” is able to get face-to-face customer service experience as well.

Players in the hospitality industry, such as hotels and travel agency, and other similar service-oriented business are common clients for mystery shopping as well.

This article elaborates the reasons you need a mystery shopper for your business in Indonesia.

They Tell You about Customer Satisfaction and Experience

As a business owner, you may wonder what your customers think when they first step into your stores, go through the buying process, or even leave your store without buying anything. A mystery shopper in Indonesia can interact with employees anonymously and get authentic service for gauging customer satisfaction.

If you are going to grow your customer base, the valuable information about your customer satisfaction and experience is extremely important. Without these insights, companies usually have no idea about what to do next to develop their businesses and building their brands.

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They Inform You How Your Employees Perform

Another reason most companies use a mystery shopping service is that it can be an audit of your employees and be treated as a training aid. You may wonder why you should not just assign someone like the manager or supervisor of the company to do so.

The reason is simple: observation affects behaviour. Therefore, when employees consciously know that they are being observed by a superior they know, they will definitely alter their habits around the superior. The result, then, will not be authentic.

Mystery shopping is able to provide you with key information about specific employees with the highlights of helpfulness, friendliness, appearance, professionalism, knowledge of the products or services.

You need to always remember this: customers do not only purchase your products, but they also purchase your team’s service and credibility. As such, mystery shopping is not a one-time engagement, but an on-going one for your employees to perform better and better each time.

They Review the Buying Process

Why should you spend money on your Point-of-Sale system and train your staff for the buying process? Because your ultimate goal is to improve customer experience, and mystery shopping can tell you about this as well. The mystery shopping results provide overall shopping experience including the point of sale if it needs urgent attention.

Ineffective point of sale system or untrained employee during the check-out will affect your business greatly.

They Assist You in Examining Your Competition

One of the pros of using mystery shopping for your business is it enables to assess not just your employees, but also your competitors. It is always a smart move to know how your business performs as compared to your competitors. With that information, you will then be able to determine how you should plan your strategies.

Mystery shopping to access your competition can be done through getting to know their employees’ behaviour, daily business operations, and how people react to their brand. These insights will be useful for you to look for competitive edges and keep pace with your peers.

Mystery Shopping by Cekindo

There are numerous benefits mystery shopping can bring to the table to improve customer satisfaction and grow business.

At Cekindo, we are passionate about helping our clients to gain customer loyalty in Indonesia for sustainable business growth. Take action now and contact us today for consultation. Or, visit our offices in Jakarta, Bali and Semarang.

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