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Opening a Business in Bandung

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 5 December 2018
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Bandung is a fast-developing city in Indonesia. It is the 3rd largest city and the capital of West Java province in Indonesia with over 2.5 million inhabitants. As a result, it is self-explanatory that many foreigners open a business in Bandung.

This article summarises useful information you need before you start a company in Bandung, including the benefits, processes and how you can get a headstart with the services provided by Cekindo.

In Bandung, companies can be divided into these main categories:

  • Limited liability companies (PT companies)
    • Foreign-owned companies (PT PMA)
    • Local-owned companies (PT)
  • Representative offices


The law in Bandung, or Indonesia as a whole, stipulates that a foreign investor opening a business in Bandung should choose a foreign-owned company. However, foreign entrepreneurs can incorporate a local-owned company with the support of an Indonesian entityas well.

In addition, foreign investors can decide to set up a representative office in the early stage of entering the market in Bandung, mainly for market research or as an agent. As the business expands, they should establish a limited liability company as a representative office shall not generate income in Indonesia.

Benefits of Opening a Company in Bandung

Bandung has become one of the smart cities in Indonesia, and its technological progress will be obvious in every aspect of your business. Government institutions in Bandung use social media to inform citizens about upcoming events, important changes as well as other technologies to improve their services.

Bandung has been focusing on developing its infrastructure to attract both investors and tourists. The new Bandung Kertajati International Airport opened earlier this year, and construction of a Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Rail will start soon.

Also, similarly to Semarang, Bandung offers more affordable and low-cost solutions for entrepreneurs. While the location of the city is not far from Jakarta, the cost savings in Bandung are enormous.

Peace of Mind to Open a Business in Bandung

When foreigners first start their business in Bandung, they definitely have lots of items that need to be crossed off on their business checklist.

If you are not familiar with all the rules and regulations, market trends and other business requirements in Bandung, Cekindo provides all sorts of services to help you speed up your business formation.

Market Research

Bandung has been known to many for its historical monuments and abundant natural resources. Even though what used to be called “the Paris of Java” developed into a metropolitan city, there are still many characteristics unique to Bandung.

To open a successful business in Bandung, now known as a Smart City, it is crucial that you know who your clients are, what they need and want, and how to reach your target audience. Understanding your competition, threats and opportunities is an essential first step before starting a business.

Through market research by Cekindo, we can help you obtain precise and accurate customer and market information.

Company Registration

There are a lot of issues to be considered and paperwork to be done to form a company. As officers in Bandung are still not so familiar with foreign investments, the process of starting a foreign-owned company might get delayed due to overwhelming bureaucracy.

We help our clients to open companies quickly and accurately.

Ready Talent Pool

In Bandung, there are in total 17 universities with thousands of graduates every year. While a majority of universities are technology-oriented (with Bandung Institute of Technology being the most prominent one), non-technological faculties are not left behind.

Even though the city is full of your potential employees, your business’s recruitment ability plays a vital role in the success of their hiring. With the ready talent pool and the effective talk acquisition strategies from Cekindo, you will be able to get talents that fit your business job functions.

Accounting and Payroll Outsource

One of the ways to rise above your competitors in business is to have the time and resources to focus on your core business activities. So why not outsource the time-consuming accounting and payroll and have your full attention on revenue generating and value-added tasks?

Final Note

Even though this starter pack includes the most essential information to know when starting a business in Bandung, there is much more to be aware of. Contact us today, and we will ensure smooth and hassle-free company registration in Bandung and all the related services.

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