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Important Things to Consider before Starting A Fitness Business in Bali

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Interested in doing business in Bali? A fitness business such as yoga, gym, CrossFit, pilates, etc. is a superb option for entrepreneurs who would like to work and live in this paradise. With millions of visitors coming to Bali each year, it is not surprising to see many success stories in this booming industry.

However, it does not mean that all fitness businesses will be extremely successful in Bali if you just jump right into it without careful consideration and planning. Cekindo has seen some bad decisions as well due to entrepreneur’s bad assumptions and lack of experience.

Therefore, Cekindo has prepared this article and included some key measures you should consider before starting a fitness business in Bali. You will be surprised that most of these problems can be avoided with good planning and expert’s advice.

Things to Consider before Setting Up a Fitness Business in Bali

fitness business in bali

Make It More than Just a Class

Nowadays, a fitness center is no longer just about sweating and losing weight. It should also take in the elements of current lifestyle and experience creation.

You will have to build a relationship with your clients, as well as a community, so that your clients feel belonged and feel like coming to the fitness classes.

A workout session can be more efficient when camaraderie presents and people are more motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

Specialise Your Business

You cannot have all activities in your fitness business. Businesses with specialisation often have higher success rate because they are perceived as experts and more professionals.

Therefore, for example, if you have chosen yoga to be your specialisation for your fitness business, you need to invest in good yoga instructors and complete yoga facilities. Specialisation tells your customers that you know more than other average competitors and they can achieve better results faster with your help. Make it a destination.

Let Your Customers Access Their Performance with Data

Data is crucial when it comes to knowing your customers’ performances and results. Your customers will want to see how much weight they have lost, or how much fat they have burned. Technology has made this possible with data generated before, during and after the fitness sessions.

People tend to be more motivated and will be more willing to continue their fitness routine when they know that they are headed towards a healthier path with your fitness regime. Therefore, invest in result-driven technology with measurable data.

Present Your Business on Social Media

Majority of the businesses in Bali, if not all, are now on social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter play a crucial part in many fitness businesses to become a brand, instead of just another fitness center. The communities that your fitness business creates through social media will double the results of your marketing efforts.

Setting up a Fitness Business in Bali

Bali is highly well-known for its fitness and wellness industry due to the surging tourism over the years. And good news for all foreign investors, a fitness business is not included under the Negative Investment List (NIL), allowing 100% foreign ownership.

Furthermore, the government of Indonesia is flexible on the activities that you can conduct under the fitness industry.

Requirements and Process for Setting up a Fitness Business in Bali

  • Enough space to accommodate all activities, equipment and classes
  • Three years of lease period (recommended)
  • Building permit with its proper building function stated
  • Trainers and instructors’ certificates
  • Costs may vary depending on whether you want to establish a PT PMA or a local PT
  • Operation can start between 6 and 8 weeks with local employees and instructors
  • Tourism licenses and other local licenses are required based on your business activities. Contact Cekindo for more information

Setting Up Your Fitness Business Company with Cekindo and Enjoy Doing Business in Bali

The capital requirements for fitness business may limit the fitness activities you can perform in Bali. Discuss your options with Cekindo, our experienced consultants and legal specialists would be happy to provide you with the best advice and guidance.

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