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A Guide to Starting a Publishing Business in Indonesia

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With more than 260 million population and a high percentage of young people, starting a publishing company in Indonesia can be a profitable business idea. The majority of this young population read a lot and most of them are students who need published materials for their learning and studies. Statistics have shown that the total revenue of the publishing businesses in Indonesia is recorded at US$466 million every year.

In addition to the conventional printed publishing business, Indonesia has seen significant demand for digital materials over the internet. This has prompted the rise of e-publishing business in the country as well.

According to, the e-publishing segment in Indonesia is forecast to hit US$220 million in 2020 with an annual growth rate of 6.5% between 2020 and 2025. This translates to US$302 million project market volume by 2025.

Both conventional publishing and e-publishing industries are what foreign investors are eyeing on as starting a publishing company has become more affordable and more lucrative in Indonesia.

Main Authorities in the Publishing Business in Indonesia

When speaking of main authorities overseeing publishing business in Indonesia, the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) is definitely on the list. This is because BKPM oversees all business activities taking place in Indonesia including publishing companies.

Then, two more authorities oversee publishing businesses as well: an international body known as the International Publishers Association and the local body known as the National Press Council. The International Publishers Association is the biggest federation of publishing associations in the world and the Indonesian Publishers Association is one of its members.

The International Publishers Association is responsible for protecting the publishing freedom of its member countries, and the National Press Council is in charge of the publishing industry’s regulation in Indonesia. Furthermore, the National Press Council has a similar role just like the International Publishers Association – to protect the freedom of the press in the country.

Requirements for Establishing a Publishing Company in Indonesia

Anyone in Indonesia, including locals, foreigners, local businesses, and foreign companies are permitted to set up a publishing company in Indonesia. As for foreigners, they will first have to get approval from the BKPM before they can establish one.

After obtaining permission from BKPM, foreign individuals or businesses will have to apply for a business license and a registration certificate.

How to Register a Publishing Company in Indonesia

The following is a summary of steps on how you can register your publishing company in Indonesia as a foreign individual or organisation:

  1. Obtain permission from BKPM.
  2. Apply for a business license.
  3. Acquire a registration certificate.
  4. Receive all required licenses and certificates as official permission for the establishment.
  5. Register with the National Press Council.
  6. Deposit compulsory share capital amount into a corporate bank account with the business owner’s name.
  7. Obtain company incorporation form and fill it out.
  8. Submit company incorporation form along with required documents and licenses.
  9. Decide on the type of published materials. They can be newspapers, magazines, journals, books, manuals, and others.
  10. If you own a digital publishing company, your published materials can be electronic, online media content, and CDs.
  11. Once your company is formed and starts operating, do remember to review and keep up with the legal requirements to ensure compliance.

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