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4 Steps for Opening a New Bar in Bali

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 17 March 2020
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When talking about starting a business in Bali, opening a new bar is one of the superb business ideas that you can consider.

Bali still becomes the main tourist destination in Indonesia. Here, you can find people from many countries gathering in some places, especially in tourist spots.

Bali, which has more than 40 beaches, is the world’s favorite tourist destination according to some publications. TravelAdvisor, an online travel platform, put Bali in the top position as the most favorite destination in the World. The Island of Gods goes beyond Paris, London, Barcelona, and Jamaica.

Not only about the beach, but Bali also provides the best experience of nightlife. This is one of many factors supporting the tourism sector. The nightlife that suits to Western lifestyle makes many tourists feel comfortable in Bali. You can find clubs, bars, and pubs in the Legian area, next to Kuta beach.

Since the nightlife in Bali has a high popularity, you can take part to gain advantages by opening your own bar. Do not hesitate to be involved in profitable business.

But, you need to pay more attention to several things before opening your own bar. This is to ensure that your new bar will run on the right track.

Read on to know how to open your own bar.

Opening a New Bar in Bali by Following These 4 Steps

1. Location

A strategic location will help you to bring a lot of visitors to a newly opened bar. Make sure you have enough information about the bar location.

The best strategy is choosing an area that many people, especially foreign tourists, gather to spend the night.

You are also supposed to consider other factors about visitor’s convenience. For instance, the accessibility, a parking lot, and the safety stuff. Those things are important to keep your bar running well. All things about visitor’s convenience must be prepared perfectly.

2. Business Plan

It is important to have a business plan before opening your own bar. A plan should be created based on your target customers.

If you want to open a new bar in Bali, consider what things must be prepared. For instance, knowing the demands and trends around.

Think about something that other bars do not have so that it can be a positive value for your new bar. Cekindo can provide you with insights on the market demands and trends in Bali, get in touch for more information.

In a business plan, you also need to create a good concept, the logo, its name, and even the furniture. Get to know the habits of customers around, so that you can consider what type of bar you will build.

Last but not least, you have to make a financial forecast to ensure your future business is profitable.

3. Acquiring Permit

In accordance with Indonesia law, you need to get a license or permit to build a business, whatever the sector or the type is. Do not run your business without permission from the government, especially when your business is related to alcohol.

However, the terms and conditions are easy enough to be fulfilled. The permit will be released in several days or weeks, depending on the completeness of the documents. The permit or license is not for the building or business, but also for alcohol selling.

4. Collaboration with Others

To help your bar’s development, you can consider collaborating with others. For example, you may want to do a partnership with food and beverage suppliers to ensure your food and beverage quality.

You can also collaborate with rising artists or performers to entertain your guests. With collaboration, everything will be easier for your business.

Set Up Your Business in Bali with Cekindo

It is time to build your new bar in Bali. You need to register your business before starting everything.

As a leading consultancy firm in Indonesia, Cekindo can be your partner to assist you in registering your company in Indonesia as well as securing the right licenses.

Feel free to consult your concerns about starting a business with us. Fill in the form below.

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