Reasons to Buy Villa in Lombok

Reasons to Buy Villa in Lombok

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Lombok is an island located east of Bali. It shares Bali’s outstanding views and culture but is significantly less crowded. As millions of tourists visit Bali each year, Lombok remains untouched, leaving many attractions and destinations unknown to the general public, increasing the number of properties, such as villas in Lombok.

Besides that, the island is filled with several isolated and calm beaches. Aside from beaches, the beautiful island of Lombok is also home to the majestic Mount Rinjani and is home to spectacular marine life.

With the COVID-19 pandemic lasting longer than initially anticipated, Lombok makes the perfect palace for a getaway. Villa in Lombok is designed with space in mind, making it ideal for enjoying while still socially distancing from others.

Lombok has seen an increase in demand for real estate as more individuals and companies are adopting remote working. People begin to put their investments in properties. Obtaining a villa in Lombok is one example. Many people seek to make Lombok their second home for leisure and business.

Lombok has started recovering as travel restrictions come to an end. The island has seen several constructions of high-end villas and boutique rentals. Some other projects that are of high quality are also underway.

Alongside residential buildings, beach clubs, restaurants, and other entertainment centers are also set up around the Kuta area in the South of Lombok. The changes made in the dining scene have been exciting.

Why Should You Buy a Villa in Lombok?

The Indonesian government has realized the true potential of Lombok and has started to promote the island through various efforts as the primary tourist attraction of Indonesia. It has started projects like the Mandalika circuit and other promotional activities to attract tourists.

Lombok is located just a few hours from Singapore and 30 minutes away from Bali. The country is primarily an emerging middle class with a high demand for hotels, airlines, restaurants, and others.

Many investors have started setting up a villa in Lombok and other real estate infrastructures. The efforts are made use of the incredible momentum set up by the recent MotoGP race that took place in March 2022.

How to make a property investment in Lombok

Option to buy a property in Lombok

Before purchasing a property, such as a villa in Lombok, there are several things that you should take into consideration. The most important is what type of property is most suitable for purchasing.

Purchasing raw land, for example, would require an assessment of the topography to decide if the land itself would have value for further development. On the other hand, a service land is often an option for those looking to build a site in the near future.

It is essential to consider if the services are already provided with the land with other services to be conducted post-purchase. Completed and independent villas are the most convenient purchase as it takes away the hassle of handling and overseeing construction.

However, it is often difficult to ensure proper maintenance of the rental opportunities. Villas in a managed estate would be the most straightforward alternative for those looking to make a steady income.

It would also be the most rewarding as there is no longer a need to check in on the property constantly. In opting for this, the management or construction agreements are integral in ensuring a proper balance between the rights of various stakeholders.

How to start investing in Lombok

There are several notable things to pay attention to when investing in Lombok. The first one is to ensure that you are doing it in a legal way. Indonesian property ownerships are tricky in Indonesia, especially for foreigners.

Cekindo offers services in regard to land property ownership as it is a matter of concern for various investors. It also provides services for company registration, should the property purchased be intended for a business. It would be best to primarily seek assistance from legal experts who understand the land ownership and registration process and who can provide service and conduct due diligence before the purchase.

Lombok is relatively untouched and will continue to flourish. The land availability is ample. Make sure sufficient time and consideration are taken before deciding to purchase.

It is crucial to deal with credible and reputable individuals when making important decisions. To ensure that you are receiving the best help, it would be best to speak to several people and consider various aspects of the purchase before making it. This way, mistakes concerning water, drainage, electricity, and others could be well avoided.

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