Understanding Visit Permits in Indonesia: An Overview for Foreigners

There are 3 types of visit permits available in Indonesia. Single Entry visa, Multiple Entry Visa and Visa on Arrival. Do you want to know more?

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    Do you want to have a business trip to Indonesia? Or do you want to visit your family or friends who have businesses in Indonesia?
    Whatever the reasons are, a short visit to Indonesia requires you to have a visitor permit. This kind of visit stay permit is regulated in Regulation 27/2014, issued by the Minister of Law and Human Rights. The visit permit only allows you stay for

    The Types of Visit Permits

    There are 3 types of visit permits available in Indonesia. They are:

    1. A single entry visit visa, which valid for a maximum of 60 days of visit. The Indonesian term for such a visa is called visa kunjungan. Which means that you will come to Indonesia for one time in the maximum of 60 days.
    2. A multiple entry visit visa or visa kunjungan beberapa kali perjalanan for you who have planned to make multiple visits to Indonesia in a certain period of time. In this kind of visa, you are able to stay for maximum of 60 days per visit.
    3. A visa on arrival, which allow you to stay for maximum of 30 days as of the day of entering Indonesia.

    The Requirements

    There are several documents if you wish to have a certain type of visit permit in Indonesia, especially for foreign business person.

    To obtain the single entry visit visa or the multiple entry visit visa, you need to prepare these documents:

    1. The data of the sponsor company. This including: (a) the copy of the company’s act, (b) the copy of the company’s business license letter (SIUP), (c) the copy of the company’s Indonesia tax number (NPWP), (d) the copy of the company’s director’s ID card, and (e) the two companies’ letters, which are signed and sealed with the companies’ stamps.
    2. The data of the foreigner (your data), including: (a) the copy of the passport, and (b) two passport sized photographs (size 4×6)
    3. Paying the amount of US$55.00 to US$ 110.00, depending on the country location where you apply the visa.

    You need to send all of the documents to the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate. The whole process will take you for approximately 3 days to one week. These types of visa can be extendable.

    For the visa on arrival, the requirements are as follow:

    1. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the day of your arrival to Indonesia.
    2. You pay US$ 25.00 for a maximum of 30 days of visit or a minimum US$ 10.00 for a maximum of 7 days of visit.
    3. The following citizens can obtain a free visit visa: Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Peru, Morocco, Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines.
    4. Can extend the visa for one time only, with the maximum of 30 days.
    5. Must have an onward or a return ticket.
    6. Not obliged to have a certain vaccination.
    7. Can only obtain in certain international airports or seaports in Indonesia.
    8. Can only obtain by certain countries’ citizens, including:
    Algeria Estonia Kuwait
    Argentina Fiji Laos
    Australia Finland Latvia
    Austria France Libya
    Bahrain Germany Liechtenstein
    Belgium Greece Lithuania
    Brazil Hungary Luxembourg
    Bulgaria Iceland Maldives
    Cambodia India Malta
    Canada Iran Mexico
    Cyprus Ireland Monaco
    Czech Republic Italy New Zealand
    Norway South Africa America
    Oman South Korea Algeria
    Panama Spain Czech Republic
    People’s Republic of China Suriname Fiji
    Poland Switzerland Latvia
    Portugal Sweden Libya
    Qatar Taiwan Lithuania
    Romania The Netherlands Panama
    Russia Tunisia Romania
    Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Slovakia
    Slovakia United Kingdom Slovenia
    Slovenia United States of Tunisia
    Egypt Japan
    1. Cannot be converted to other types of visit visa.

    Due to the strict rule of immigration in Indonesia, all requirements and regulations should be met. Communication with the sponsor company must be maintained so that you can have all the documents needed to apply for your visit visa and also be informed about all updates regarding to Indonesia n regulations.

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