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Celebrate with Us with Cekindo Virtual/Shared Office Year-End Promo

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Reputable Business Solutions Provider Offers Extensive Virtual/Shared Office Solutions for Year-End Promo

As a renowned leader in the Indonesian market, Cekindo offers a full suite of incorporation, outsourcing and corporate secretarial services. We have earned them recognition in Indonesia’s business landscape as well as around the SEA countries. Further, we also earned recognition from across the European and US regions.

In its goal to be the country’s leading one-stop shop for all consultancy and business solutions, Cekindo provides an exhaustive range of services. We cover primarily on incorporation, product registration, payroll, HR outsourcing, shelf companies, as well as legal and compliance services. Cekindo’s team consist of well-trained people, customer-orientated, professional consultants that readily caters marketing strategies, business-development-related activities, administrative consultancy, and financial consultancy and advisory, among others.

Therefore, with the closing of this fruitful year, Cekindo celebrates with an amazing promo on virtual office and shared office solutions:


Buy Virtual Office for 1 Year, Get 6 EXTRA MONTHS FREE!

Buy Serviced Office for 1 Year, Get 1 EXTRA MONTH FREE


year-end promo 1

So, what’s in it for you and your business? You shouldn’t let this complete and cost-effective package of office space solutions pass. It’s added value and considerable savings your business can’t afford to not take advantage of.

Check out our website for more details about the promo. We also provide you information about the available shared office packages that you should take advantage of. You should be able to get in touch with our customer service representatives online, through email, or through phone at +6221.80660900.