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Indonesia Trade Agreements: Benefit for Singaporean Investors

Indonesia Trade Industry Outlook Foreign investors must have an Indonesia import license when entering the Indonesian trade industry. Foreign trade has been paramount in boosting Indonesia’s economic growth by contributing 37.3% towards the GDP in 2019. The International Monetary Fund projected export of goods and services to bounce back by 18.4% and imports to ascend …

Singapore’s MRA Grant – Market Expansion into Indonesia

In order to support Singapore’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to expand their operations into the international market, MRA Grant was introduced by the Government. It aims at providing information, learning opportunities, and financial assistance which helps companies to easily expand their arms into new territories and mitigates the risk of uncertainty. What is Enterprise …

Your Simple Guide to Starting a Tech Business in Singapore

When you think of the startup scene in Asia, Singapore will definitely come to mind, especially with its tech ecosystem that is on the rise. Singapore is one the most preferred countries in Southeast Asia for investors from all over the world to establish tech companies. The country is wealthy with a talent pool that …