Office Space & Outsourcing Services in Bali: Low Cost Business Solutions

Office Outsourcing Services in Bali: The Solutions to Cut Your Business Expenses

Running a successful business in Bali requires careful calculation, deep knowledge of local laws and regulations as well as strategic decisions.

In this modern era, running a business does not have to be inside a permanent office space or a traditional office building. Instead, flexible office solutions are here to accommodate your business needs. Equipped with advanced technology and necessary facilities and amenities, office solutions such as virtual office, coworking space and serviced office are what you need. Furthermore, business process outsourcing services can support the growth of your business while at the same time mitigating risks, complying with the laws and minimising costs.

Office Services

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The concepts of the virtual office, coworking space and serviced office have gained popularity in recent years and they do not show any sign of stopping anytime soon. This is understandable because nowadays, in an effort to keep pace with the needs of modern business that is in line with the rapid development of technology, work is no longer limited by a cubicle or a brick-and-mortar office. Remote works and flexible working hours are necessary to achieve the work and life balance, something that has been desired by many, particularly the millennial generation.

Cekindo’s office solutions come with flexible packages that can be tailored to your needs. Cut unnecessary expenses and attract the best talent through the use of a virtual office, a coworking space or a serviced office.

Office Services

Tax & Accounting

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Rich in business opportunities, the Balinese market gets several foreigners into trouble every year. While most entrepreneurs focus on company registration and securing a proper visa, compliance with the Indonesian accounting and taxation regulations should not be overlooked. With numerous daily transactions and plenty of accounts to take care of, doing both properly requires resources, time and energy. Accounting outsourcing, then, will be the perfect solution.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you conduct any business activities and have any tax liabilities, your company is to fulfill tax obligations in Indonesia. Timely and accurate tax processing can be achieved easily through tax outsourcing.

Tax & Accounting


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Managing payroll in Indonesia is a rather challenging task. It requires not only specific time investment, but also proper understanding of local regulations and laws related to employment, labor and payroll. Insufficient knowledge of tax and manpower regulations in Indonesia may lead into non-compliance and have adverse effects on the tax and social security reports.

Through payroll outsourcing, a team of payroll specialists will make sure that the raw data of your payroll are processed in a timely manner and in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations in Indonesia.

Payroll Outsourcing

HR Recruitment

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One of the essential elements that contribute to the successful growth of your business in Indonesia is the qualified people that you hire. In Indonesia, finding and attracting the top talent to work for your company may not be as easy and simple as you think. A significant amount of time, energy and attention are required to hire the ideal candidate, from putting the advertisement to selecting the most qualified employees and going through the interview process and finalising the contract. Therefore, HR outsourcing, is not optional but required in Indonesia.

A high-quality HR outsourcing provider will take care of all the recruitment stages as well as conducting background check and preparing employment contract that complies with the labor and employment laws in Indonesia.

HR Recruitment


Doing Business in Bali with Cekindo

Doing business in Bali with a reputable partner like Cekindo that offers one-stop business services that include office solutions and business process outsourcing services can be such a great help for your business in many ways.

Why waste your time and money to do every task on your own when you can invest them in strategies that will boost your business to the next level faster?