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Defense and Security

In many countries, the economic growth is sustained by their defense and security industry.

As a result, the government in Indonesia is heading towards that direction and is seeking to develop  Indonesia’s defense and security sector to boost the growing economy in the country further.
Many state-owned weapon companies in Indonesia have now worked together to build better quality products for defense and security, as well as for the use of the Indonesian Military.
Besides, in light of threats such as piracy, illegal fishing and intrusions of Indonesia’s maritime border, President Jokowi and his administration has made an effort to amend the country’s defense and security policy to protect the national sovereignty better.


The aviation and aerospace sector in Indonesia has shown robust growth in recent years. The number of air passengers in Indonesia is expected to grow 30% in 2018. This market in Indonesia is also the largest market in Southeast Asia.


The government in Indonesia serves as one of the key growth drivers for ammunition and weapon market in Indonesia with a stable annual growth. The Indonesian ammunition market is dominated by one of the largest state-owned defense companies PT. PINDAD.

Safety and Security

Market demand for the safety and security industry in Indonesia is proportionally increasing with the heightening of perceived insecurity by the population.  

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