Global Mobility Service Indonesia

Understanding the Global Mobility Service

Global Mobility Service (GMS) is an invaluable set of solutions and advisory services that allows companies to better manage their workforce across different countries in today’s global business environment.

By opting for a GMS, your businesses can deploy and manage employees more efficiently, ensuring successful international assignments. The suite of services offered by InCorp Indonesia is designed to provide companies with all the necessary tools and support to make your international employee movements as smooth and seamless as possible.

The Benefits of Using Global Mobility Services

Partnering with a global mobility service provider can benefit both employers and employees. By providing expert guidance and compliance, cost-efficiency, and operational efficiency, these providers can help streamline relocation processes, ensure legal and financial stability, and facilitate faster deployment or employment in a specific location, ultimately resulting in a more productive and efficient work environment.

International Assignment Services

Providing support for employees on international assignments, including tax compliance, immigration assistance, and overall relocation management.

Tax Advisory

Addressing tax implications for both the employer and the employee in the context of cross-border assignments, considering local and international tax laws.

Compensation and Benefits Planning

Designing and optimizing compensation packages for internationally mobile employees, taking into account various factors such as cost of living, tax considerations, and market trends.

Immigration Services

Assisting with visa and work permit applications, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations in different countries.

Policy Development

Developing and refining company policies related to global mobility, ensuring alignment with business objectives and compliance with relevant regulations.

Technology Solutions

Leveraging technology tools to streamline and automate processes related to global mobility, including tracking assignments, managing compliance, and reporting.

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks associated with international assignments, including legal, tax, and compliance risks.

Cultural and Language Support

Providing resources and support to help employees and their families adapt to new cultures and languages during international assignments.

Why Choose Global Mobility Service from InCorp Indonesia


Having an in-depth knowledge of the local regulations, we manage your global mobility service inquiry most securely and seamlessly.


Thanks to our extensive experience, international businesses have trusted us for over a decade.


We have the right skills to get things done and will not stop until they reach your satisfaction.

How does InCorp’s recruitment outsourcing mechanism work?

As a professional executive search agent, InCorp helps promote job vacancies, screen and shortlist applicants, conduct pre-interviews and arrange final interview with applicants. This can also be topped up with an employee background check.

How much does InCorp’s payroll outsourcing service cost?

The cost highly depends on several factors, such as company size, number of employees, a variety of services required and the payroll need frequency. We tailor our payroll outsourcing service to your specific payroll requirements.