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Since 2013, the government of Cyprus has allowed foreign investors to obtain citizenship.
Learn what you need to begin living in Cyprus!
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How You Can Live in Cyprus by Gaining Citizenship

Through the Cyprus Investment Programme, investors around the world can apply for citizenship in Cyprus. The program itself is known as a direct citizenship program in Europe without residency requirements in just six months after investments are made. To live in Cyprus, investors must have a minimum capital of EUR 2,200,000 in property investment.

Cyprus citizenship grants applicants and their families the freedom to live, work, or study in all 28 European Union member states with visa-free access to over 173 countries worldwide. Other than property investment, investors can invest in a combination of real estate or other investment instruments to qualify for the program. The program offers to reduce property investment capital by EUR 500,000 after five years of citizenship being granted.

How You Can Live in Cyprus by Gaining Citizenship

Requirements to Live in Cyprus

Requirements to Live in Cyprus

The Cyprus Investment Programme opens to all kinds of investor. However, the applicant must comply with the requirements and the regulations before moving to Cyprus for business purposes.

  • The main applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must invest a minimum of EUR 1.5 million in approved real estate investments. The investments will add an additional minimum of EUR 500,000 (including VAT if applicable). Alternatively, investors are also able to invest EUR 2 million in other investment options and a further EUR 500,000 in residential property.
  • Applicants must not have a criminal record
  • The investor’s name must not be included on the list of persons whose property is ordered to be frozen by the European Union.
  • One visit is required to obtain biometrics and receive a Permanent Residency Permit.

Cyprus Citizenship Investment Options

The program to live in Cyprus offers two options in the citizenship investments. Funding is one of the essential requirements for eligibility:

1. A EUR 2 million investment in residential real estate and
2. A EUR 2.5 million investment in a combination of real estate or other investments

Cyprus Citizenship Investment Options

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