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  • Thu, 07 July 2022 10:00:00

    About this webinar

    This webinar will focus on sharing what should be prepared for food & beverage products registration and insights on keeping up with the trend to stay relevant while educating the market about healthy food & beverage consumption as part of the business strategy and development in Indonesia.


    F&B Industry in Indonesia: Trends, Market, Practice

    The food & beverage industry has been a lasting staple in Indonesia. This is proven with an array of variants available in the market...


    UMKM Tumbuh Berdaya dengan Ekosistem Terpadu

    Usaha Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah (UMKM) adalah tulang punggung perekonomian Indonesia, namun sayangnya pandemi menghalangi mereka untuk terus berkembang. Sebagai bentuk dukungan terhadap UMKM,...


    Reimagining Recruitment and Talent Management in Post-Pandemic Indonesia

    The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses to rethink every element of their day-to-day operations, including in hiring and human resources management....


    Uncovering the Tax Harmonization & Omnibus Law on Job Creation

    Stepping out of Industry 4.0 and into 5.0, the way and the ease of doing business in Indonesia is changing. The emergence of the...


    Waltz Through OSS – RBA

    New OSS-RBA In furtherance to the Law No. 11 of 2020 on Job Creation, the enactment of Government Regulation No. 5 of 2021 brings...


    Cosmetic Registration & Its Regulations In Indonesia

    On the contrary to other fields such as food supplements, cosmetic products are required to obtain a certification for each variety of a product...


    Business Expansion To Indonesia

    A less-known fact about Indonesia is that its population is rich with creative minds. Aside from the country’s talented personnel, Indonesia has become a...