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10 Reasons to Use Virtual Office in Indonesia or Other Countries

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 20 November 2023
  • 4 minute reading time
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Virtual Office in Indonesia

If your company is considering about business expansion in Indonesia, especially establish own company in Indonesia probably one of the first requirements which you will need to face is your business address.

Since Indonesian government does not allowed to use for company registration purposes any residential area and your office address should be located in some office building, you will need to rent or buy your office space. In this case the virtual and service office can be one of the general options which can suits you especially because you do not need to make any significant investment and directly start your business in prepared business facilities of Indonesian virtual and service office provider.

The Virtual office space can be good ideal for small companies and people who run their business from home to reduce the cost of production as well as for large companies which are interested in expanding to a more professional environment with prestigious address with utilization of possible networking.

The Virtual Office allows you to have an address for your professional business at prestigious address and access to all the necessary facilities necessary for professional business performance. Conference rooms for a professional meeting atmosphere, high-tech technology such as video conferences and on the other side still control costs with flexibility to expand your business in future and also usually handles phone, email and another amenities needed to run your business without requiring to set up own real office space.

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The 10 reasons to use a Virtual Office in Indonesia

1) Professional business address – by using virtual office in Indonesia you can get very easily prestigious address without big investment or expensive renting costs.

2) Cost savings – Because you don´t rent actual office space, the cost savings for the virtual office are significant. Compared to your own office address, a virtual office business address at prestigious buildings allow you to maintain a professional image with relatively low costs since you share it with other users as well.

3) Reception services – the virtual office usually provide reception services to collect all post and parcel sent to the virtual office address and arrange the delivery to the client.

4) Communication services – The virtual office usually also provide phone receptionists, call centers, answering services, voice mail and other communications options. In this case you can have usually your own phone number and fax number.

5) Meeting rooms – A virtual office and business centers offer rental meeting rooms and conference rooms to you at the same address so your clients can not recognize that you just use a virtual office there.

6) Office space – In addition to meeting rooms, the virtual office also usual offer temporary office or work space to clients for short of long term. So you can just rent some office space only for one day to handle all necessary duties during the company formation or other administrations.

7) Facilities – the virtual office may also usual offer amenities like conferencing equipment, lounges, kitchen, wireless Internet, printer with scan, office phone, etc.

8) Low start-up costs – The virtual office offers savings as compared to starting up in the real office since users of virtual office share costs for most of the services.

9) Operation resources management – By using virtual office you don´t need to handle issues connected with maintaining of independent office operations such as employment relations, legal issues, taxes and focus on your business.

10) Market Entry Consulting services – By careful pre-selection of virtual office providers, you can find some providers, consulting firms which can provide you beside virtual office even more services such as Indonesian company registration, business licenses applications, product registration, trade mark registration, accounting and tax reporting, payroll outsourcing, working visa and so on.

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